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Choosing Your Program

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Photo of a student standing in a ray of sunlight in Israel

Study abroad provides a new perspective on your own country; it also provides you with a new view of yourself—of your capacity to adapt, to grow, to be open to new experiences—and perhaps also of your own limitations, which you may want to learn to transcend. Inevitably, it changes your life.

Getting Started

For International Students

International students are recommended to meet with the associate dean for international students in order to verify their visa status for re-entry into the United States after a year or semester abroad.

For Students Who Have Been Granted DACA

DACA students are encouraged to meet with the dean or assistant dean for international study prior to pursuing study abroad options.

Ada Comstock Scholars and Transfer Students 

The two most important issues for an Ada Comstock Scholar or transfer student considering studying abroad are how many credits can be transferred to Smith College and how close you are to completing the 128 credits needed for graduation. These factors determine what kind of international study experience is available through the college.

The PDF above outlines the various options available for international study. Students should also meet with the dean of Ada Comstock Scholars or their class dean for more guidance.

Students are welcome to use the resource room in the Office for International Study whenever the office is open. In addition to making available materials from other programs and universities, the resource room has evaluations from past Smith students sorted by major and location of the study abroad program. During drop-in advising hours, the resource room is staffed by peer advisers who have studied abroad and are ready to answer student questions.

Which Program is Right for You?

Smith students can take advantage of three different types of programs: Smith-created programs, or Smith-approved and consortium programs with other institutions and organizations. Choose from more than 150 programs for either a semester, summer, interterm or a full academic year.

Smith Programs Abroad

Smith’s programs abroad continue their pioneering legacy in adaptive and innovative ways that challenge students to broaden their understanding of the world through international study.

Smith-Approved Programs

See the world through approved programs from various institutions around the globe:

  • Africa
  • Americas & the Caribbean
  • Asia
  • Continental Europe
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Oceania

Consortium Programs

Discover Smith-sponsored consortium programs with other institutions:

Planning for a Positive Experience Abroad

The Office for International Study recognizes that education abroad is not just a student-focused experience but rather a holistic, intercultural one. Students are likely to encounter a significant range of attitudes on a wide variety of issues while abroad. Understanding how different perceptions can influence your experience abroad can go a long way toward better understanding yourself and a new culture. Prior to going abroad, we also encourage students to become familiar with the health care system and security issues of the country where you are considering studying in order to prepare for a healthy, safe experience.

A Smith Study Abroad Primer
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