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Off-Campus Work-Study

A variety of off-campus work-study jobs are available to Smith students with federal work-study each year at local approved nonprofit, nonsectarian agencies. Off-campus work-study focuses on nonprofit agencies serving the community, particularly its low-income citizens.

Off-campus work-study is an opportunity to gain experience in the public sector at nonprofit agencies, sometimes your area of study. Because it is also a form of community service, off-campus work-study is an excellent addition to your résumé.

Only consider off-campus work-study if you can truly commit yourself to the agency and its work. Treat your off-campus work as seriously as you do your academic work. Not only will you be getting valuable experience, but also future employers will consider the importance of the work you do off campus.


Off-campus work-study positions are open only to students with federal work-study in their financial aid award. Check the award  for the amount and type of award granted.


Students with campus employment as their work-study award, international students and graduate students are not eligible for off-campus work-study.

Pay Rate

$12.50 an hour as of January 1, 2019. The pay rate will rise to $13.25 an hour as of January 1, 2020 when the Massachusetts minimum wage rises again. Students earning more per hour will need to adjust their hours to stay within their federal work-study earnings limit.

Hour Limits

Up to nine hours per week.

How to Apply

Students can apply in Workday by clicking Careers and then Find Smith Student Jobs. Before you can begin working you must be hired in Workday, complete the Contract below, have your supervisor sign it and email the contract to