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Jobs on Campus

Each student is expected to adhere to a code of conduct that governs the employment of all Smith students who work in both on-campus and off-campus jobs. See On-The-Job Expectations.

Base Campus Pay Rate

The base campus pay rate is $11 an hour.

Hour Limits

Students Hours Per Week
First-year Students Up to 8
Transfer Students Up to 10
Ada Comstock Scholars Up to 10
All Returning Students Up to 10

Work-study students may hold an additional on-campus position to meet this allowance.


On-campus work-study refers to all positions on the Smith campus, no matter how they are funded or whether faculty, staff or other students oversee them. Work-study students have priority for all on-campus jobs. Although jobs open up to non-work-study applicants after October 1, those jobs must be readvertised the following year for work-study eligible applicants.

Pay Rate

Current base campus pay rate.

How to Apply

To apply for on-campus work-study for any office or department, go to JobX.


First-year students with work-study have priority for all jobs. After October 1, other students (upperclass and non-work-study students) may apply.

Pay Rate

Current base campus pay rate.

How to Apply

Dining Services emails directions to entering first year work-study students on how to apply for Dining Services shifts online. There is also a training meeting students must attend Wednesday, September 5 from 4:15-5:30 PM. After September 5, remaining available shifts will be listed on JobX . For more information, contact Rick Rubin at 413-585-2318 or

For catering spot jobs go to JobX.


Students with work-study have priority for all jobs. After October 1, other students may apply.

Pay Rate

Current base campus pay rate.

How to Apply

Housekeeping jobs are advertised on JobX and posted in individual houses.


Residence Life positions are for returning students only; first-year students are not eligible. No student holding a residence life position may hold an additional job. Head residents (HR) and house coordinators (HCs) are for Smith seniors completing her last year of academic course work.


Work-study students will receive a stipend, which is much greater than the maximum work-study award. This stipend replaces work-study if you receive financial aid. The payroll office issues automatic stipend payments in the regular bi-weekly student payroll for the length of employment. Payment is prorated if you do not start immediately in the fall.

Head Residents also receive credit toward room and board.

How to Apply

For more information and to apply, visit the Residence Life website.

Internships & Fellowships

Internships and fellowships are for returning students only; first-year students are not eligible. Non–work-study interns may not have an additional regular campus job.

Mellon Mays Fellows

Mellon Mays Fellows are overseen by Institutional Diversity & Equity and receive a stipend paid automatically in the bi-weekly payroll. Mellon Mays Fellows are not eligible for a second job, whether on financial aid or not.

Kahn Student Fellows

Kahn Student Fellows are overseen by the Kahn Institute and receive a stipend. You are paid the stipend automatically in the bi-weekly payroll. Kahn Fellows may not hold a second job.

You will be given extra grant aid to cover the difference between the standard work-study and the Kahn stipend.

On-Campus Internships Program (OCIP)

Many departments apply to OCIP for funding for interns for specialized jobs. The departments awarded intern funding receive an increase in their student employment budget to pay for the interns.

Historically, OCIP has funded internships in areas such as journalism, wellness, theatre and more, which can range from four to eight hours a week.

Students hired for OCIP Internships are paid $.25 more per hour than the campus base rate and use Banner Web Time Entry to be paid.If the OCIP intern is on financial aid with work-study, the internship earnings are considered work-study. Students who are also on work-study may obtain a second position to earn the difference between the stipend and work-study limit. You  may not hold the same OCIP internship more than once and may not have multiple OCIP internships during your stay at Smith.

To apply for OCIP positions, go to JobX.

Research Assistantships

AEMES and STRIDE Scholars receive a stipend for two years for research work as well as a grant. First-year AEMES and STRIDE Scholars may not hold a second position. Sophomore AEMES and STRIDE Scholars may hold a second position two- to three-hour position.

Other research assistant positions are for sophomores, junios and seniors only; first-year students are not eligible.

Research assistant positions vary greatly in the number of hours offered per week. Work-study students may hold more than one job as long as you stay within the 12-hour-a-week maximum. Students without work-study may apply for research assistant positions; however, work-study students have priority.

Graduate students are never eligible to work under a faculty member's CFCD grant.

Pay Rate

$11.25 an hour

How to Apply

Research assistantships can be externally or internally funded, and faculty must advertise and hire students on JobX.