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Sherrerd Center Director

We are pleased to announce that Patty DiBartolo will serve as the Interim Director of the Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning for the academic year 2023-24. Caroline Melly will return to the role of director in academic year 2024-25 after a year-long sabbatical.

Theme for 2020–22: Connectivity

This time at Smith is one unlike any other. The vast majority of our students were away from campus, learning in remote environments, both across the US and across the world for quite a bit of time. When COVID-19 shut down our campus in the Spring of 2020, many of us thought this would be a brief break from daily life and all would return to normal soon, but instead, this has become a sustained experience for our community. During the 2020-2022 academic years, we plan to use connectivity as our guiding principle in our Sherrerd Center programming. With trauma from the global pandemic, the continuation of brutal racial injustices in the US, and a contentious US election cycle all coalescing, it is arguably more important than ever to feel connected to our community – and yet, it has never been harder. In the work that we do at the Sherrerd Center for teaching and learning, we hope to center anti-racism, teaching in and amidst trauma, and the best inclusive practices in the remote classroom so that we can remain connected: to our core mission, and to each other in the Smith community.

Learn more about the Sherrerd Center’s theme.