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Sherrerd Center for Teaching & Learning

Professor Kate Soper teaching in a music classroom

There are many different ways to teach well.

Good teaching is necessarily inclusive.

All teaching is improvable.

The Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning was founded in 2009 through a generous bequest from the family of Kathleen Compton Sherrerd ’54 and John J. F. Sherrerd, longtime supporters of excellence in teaching at Smith College. The center enables the academic success of all Smith students through faculty development efforts that support teaching and learning at the college.

New at the Sherrerd Center

Sherrerd Idea Swaps: informal, remote get-togethers where teachers can share what went well for them this Spring, what they would do differently, and/or any other lessons learned from our Pandemic Spring semester. We hope to gather the best principles from teaching remotely this Spring to inform workshops and other faculty development. Please fill out this form to RSVP and let us know which Idea Swap(s) you'd like to participate in and we will send you the schedule and Zoom meeting details (it's fine to visit the form more than once if you'd like to add another Idea Swap). We anticipate each Idea Swap will meet a couple of times initially and then we'll evaluate the best paths forward.

New Idea Swaps:

Shannon Audley/Marney Pratt: Ideas for field-based teaching/learning 

Carole DeSanti: Ideas for fostering a workshop environment online (creative writing or arts focus)

Nick Howe: Ideas from/for teaching computer programming

Marney Pratt/Joe Yeager: Ideas for lab-based teaching/learning


Patty DiBartolo and Bona Kang: Ideas from junior and contingent faculty

Angie Hauser: Ideas from studio making and practice classes

Caroline Melly/Liz Pryor: Ideas for centering equity and student wellness in the “remote” classroom

Borjana Mikic: Ideas from collaborative project/problem-based classes

Roisin O’Sullivan/Cornelia Pearsall: Ideas from/for a discussion based/seminar class

Sara Pruss: Ideas from faculty with special studies/research students

Kevin Shea: Teaching large (50+ students) introductory or intermediate classes

Sujane Wu: Ideas from faculty for teaching languages, literature and culture remotely

Email us with questions or feedback.


Theme for 2019–20: Partnership

Just as we at the Sherrerd Center believe that there are many different ways to teach well and that all teaching is improvable, we also understand that there are different kinds of partnerships (student-faculty, peer instructor, institutional, community, etc.), and all partnerships are improvable. Learn more about this year’s theme.



Sara Pruss

Director of the Sherrerd Center
Professor of Geosciences

Sherry Wingfield

Sherrerd Center Coordinator

Advisory Board

2019–20 Members

Jean Ferguson

Director of Learning, Research, and Technology

Angie Hauser 

Associate Professor of Dance (Sabbatical 2019-20)

Susannah Howe 

Design Clinic Director, Senior Lecturer in Engineering (Sabbatical 2019-20)

Borjana Mikic

Rosemary Bradford Hewlett 1940 Professor of Engineering

Roisin O'Sullivan

Professor of Economics

Cornelia Pearsall

Professor of English Language & Literature

Beth Powell

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Al Rudnitsky

Professor of Education & Child Study

Kevin Shea

Professor of Chemistry

Tina Wildhagen

Associate Professor of Sociology

Sujane Wu

Associate Professor of Chinese Language & Literature