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Tuition & Fees

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Traditional Undergraduate Tuition

Students are billed for one-half of the annual charges at the beginning of each semester.


Tuition $55,830
Room & Board $19,420
Student Activities Fee $284
Health Insurance $2,884
Total per year $78,418

Course & Instruction Fees

Chemistry Laboratory Course

$25 per semester, plus breakage.

Musical Instruction

There is a fee of $690 (one-hour lesson per week) per semester for musical instruction. Music fees are covered by the college for all declared minors and majors. Students who receive need-based aid will receive a $200 grant per semester toward the cost of performance lessons. In addition, all students registered for performance lessons can submit an application to the music department for scholarship aid (for those receiving need-based aid, these funds are in addition to the aforementioned $200 grant). Practice rooms are available to Smith College students with first preference given to those registered for music instruction. Other Five College students may apply to the chair of the music department for permission to use the facilities. Practice rooms may be available for use by other individuals in last order of preference upon successful application to the chair of the music department.

There is no charge for Five College students, faculty and staff for use of the practice rooms. For other individuals, the use of a practice room for one hour daily is $25.

Studio Art Courses

Certain materials and supplies are required for studio art courses and will be provided to each student. Students may require additional supplies and will be responsible for purchasing them directly. The expenses will vary from course to course and from student to student. Required materials are $135; additional supplies are $58.

Other Fees & Charges

Continuation Fee

Students on leave of absence or attending other institutions on exchange or junior year abroad programs will be assessed a continuation fee of $60 per semester to maintain enrollment status at the college.

Overdue Balance Fee

Any balance outstanding for fall after August 10 or for spring after January 10 is considered overdue. Overdue balances will be assessed a late fee of $1.25 per $100 each month they remain outstanding.

Insufficient Funds Fee

If a payment is rejected due to insufficient funds, a charge of $20 will be added to the student account.

Incorrect Account Number Fee

If an incorrect or invalid account number is entered into our TouchNet payment system when a payer is attempting to make a payment, a $5 charge will be added to the student account.

Early Arrival Fee

Students will be charged for unauthorized early arrivals at a rate of $35 per day.

Late Registration Fee

Students who make registration changes after the registration period will be assessed a $35 fee for each change.

Bed Removal Fee

Students who remove their beds from their campus rooms will be charged a $100 bed removal fee.

Health/Fire/Safety Violation

A minimum fine of $5 per item will be charged for items left in public areas such as corridors, stairways or entrances. These items create a hazard and violate compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as city and state building, fire and safety codes.

Contacts for Fees

Course fees Academic department (varies)
Library fines Neilson Library: 413-585-4162
Parking fines Department of Campus Safety: 413-585-2490
Telephone bills Information Technology Services: 413-585-2082
Faculty evaluation fines Dean of the College: 413-585-4900
Infirmary charges Student Health Services: 413-585-2800
Key fines Student Affairs: 413-585-4940
Bed removal fee Facilities Management: 413-585-2400

Tuition Refund Insurance Program

Smith College has partnered with GradGuard Tuition Protection Plan by Allianz Global Assistance to provide an optional tuition insurance plan. Tuition insurance acts as an extension of the college's refund policy—securing reimbursement for your tuition payment, room and board fees, and other nonrefundable expenses if you withdraw for a covered reason during the semester. Learn more at or by calling 1-877-794-6603.