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Ada Comstock Scholars

Current & Enrolled Students

This section is for current students applying for aid. If you are a prospective Ada Comstock Scholar, please go to the Tuition & Financial Aid section for application deadlines and policies. You must apply for financial aid at the time of admission.

International Students

International Ada Comstock Scholars who do not apply for aid prior to admission are not eligible to receive institutional aid at any time.

Housing & Aid

Housing Arrangements for Ada Comstock Scholars

Housing choices do affect the financial aid eligibility for Ada Comstock Scholars. Please contact us for details on your specific potential award adjustment if you are thinking about changing your housing.

Holding a position with the residence life office will impact your financial aid award. The aid adjustment will depend on the position. Please contact us to determine how your award would be affected by a residence life position.

Allowance for Others in College

The fees of undergraduate institutions attended by siblings of traditional students or children of Ada Comstock Scholars are considered in our aid calculations. The enrollment status of each person is verified in the fall. A change in institution or enrollment status may affect your grant aid. For future planning, contact us for the allowance amount used this year.

How We Determine Need

Financial aid for Ada Comstock Scholars is need-based and is based on the premise that students pay for the cost of education to the extent that they are able, as calculated by a national formula and institutional policy, and that financial aid serves to supplement this effort.