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Event Planning Forms & Resources

Women registering for an event in the Alumnae House Gallery


25Live Tips

Three Key Tips

Check out these three Tips to get illustrated, step-by-step details on these key 25Live concepts. Go to the Tips Archive to see full list of TIPS.

Tips Archive

How to Find Your Event Details

Do you need confirmation that your event’s location, resources or start time are accurate? This tip will save you from having to contact the space scheduler or service provider (and wait for their return phone call/email) when you need to check on the details of your reservation.

NEVER Submit a New Request to Make a Change to a Reservation!

What do you do when you need to make a change to the date, time or location of your reservation? Click on the PDF below to view the easy steps to make a change.

Requesting Resources for Your Event

The best way to request a particular setup for a room is not in the location field/s, but rather in the resources section. There you will select the item you need and put the note in that resource’s setup instruction field to request a configuration.

For example, select “Table – Six Foot” and in the Setup Instructions field, type “Please set up tables in a U-shape”; or select “Chairs” and type “Please arrange chairs in a circle in the center of the room.” Alternatively, you can ask for the resource Custodial Support/Setup Needed, and then in the instructions text field for that resource, type a message about what kind of setup you want.

Screen shots in the PDF below have more details.

Requesting Space on Multiple Dates via Ad Hoc Recurring Dates

When submitting a space request, you can enter multiple dates (using 'Ad hoc Repeats') as long as they are all for the same time. Any reservation needed for a different time must be submitted on a separate request. See screen shots for instructions.

Finding the Event Reference Number

The reference number of your event is the easiest way for someone else to retrieve your event and the surest way to know the right event is being edited. Learn where you can find the event reference number.

Scheduling and 25Live Reminders, Part 1

A quick "cheat sheet" of some of the basic event requesting and editing reminders.

Did My Request Go Through?

If you're unsure about whether your 25Live space request "went through," here's a simple way to check. Log into 25Live and follow these instructions on checking the status of your request.

See Pictures of Spaces in 25Live

Pictures and features of many of the most commonly requested spaces are now available online. Classroom pictures and details can be found by clicking here. Pictures and details of non-classroom spaces can be seen in 25Live. Learn how to see this information.

Indicate Your Event Start Time

Do you want people to arrive for your event at the correct time or confirm that the space you're using is ready at the time your event begins? These are two completely different designations on your request. Learn how to correctly and clearly indicate these important distinctions in the places on your request where you set a time.

Change Details of an Event

How to change the date, time, description, resources, location of an event without submitting a new event.

Find Details of Your Event

Find the answers to questions you might have about your event (including space reservation or resources requested).

View and Modify Occurrences

Using "View and Modify Occurrences" when requesting resources for your events.

Set Up Multi-occurrence Events

How to select different locations for different dates in a multi-occurrence reservation.

“Star” Your Events

“Star” your events so that you can easily find them when you need to check details such as date, time or location; request resources; or enter publicity information.

Americans With Disabilities Act

The Americans With Disabilities Act (Public Law 101:336) requires that activities and events that are open to the public be conducted in such a way as to not discriminate against those with disabilities. The types of activities and events that are covered by this law include theatre performances, concerts, lectures, sporting events and exhibitions. The Events Management Office will assist in locating an accessible space. Organizers of events are responsible for contacting the Office of Disability Services for all special needs requests. Fees may apply.