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Locally sourced apples


Smith College Dining Services is committed to supporting sustainability with a focus on three key areas: local and sustainable foods; waste reduction through composting and recycling; and responsible use of resources through purchasing and operations.

Our Commitment

  • To provide foods that nourish us, our community and our environment.
  • To support local farms and the local economy.
  • To reduce the amount of energy and carbon emissions associated with the transportation of food.
  • To increase transparency in purchases and think critically about our buying power as a food service institution.
  • To support a more conscious food culture at Smith College and cultivate a deeper respect for farmers and the production structure of our foods.
  • To purchase 20 percent real food by 2020 according to the Real Food Challenge Criteria (and we met our goal in 2017!).

Our Efforts

  • We choose to buy local whenever it is seasonally available and financially feasible.
  • We actively reduce waste and divert it through composting and recycling.
  • We have trayless dining.
  • We actively engage with our consumers in the Smith community.
  • We are allies in educating and expanding awareness of local food use on campus.
  • We provide first-year students with a reusable water bottle at Central Check-In.
  • We provide all students with entry into the reusable to-go program.

A Local Agritour with Dining Services