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The Official Smith College Teas

Sip, sip, hooray! First introduced during the inauguration of President Sarah Willie-LeBreton, Smith’s two custom tea blends are now available for sale. Whether you’re looking for a bold, energizing morning cuppa to jump-start your day, or a soothing, mellow tea to unwind with, connect with Smith and create your own tea rituals—anytime, anywhere.

The Perfect Blends

While these aren’t green teas, they’re green teas. In keeping with Smith’s sustainability standards, we’ve partnered with a sustainable tea vendor to produce two delicious blends that have a low carbon footprint. Containing organic ingredients, each tea bag originates from a facility powered by solar panels on family-owned, protected farmland.

No plastics here

With recyclable boxes and completely plant-based, compostable packaging—from the teabags themselves to the pouches they come in—these products are free from harmful plastics.

Each box contains 25 pyramid tea bags.

Smithie Breakfast

Organic Black Tea

From meetings to lectures to presentations, Smithies are always on the go. An energizing, fruity, and smoky tea, Smithie Breakfast is sure to help you power through your day, no matter what’s on your to-do list.

Ingredients: Black tea*, Cornflower*, Calendula*, Camomile*, Natural flavor.

Contains caffeine | *Organic

Botanic Blend

Organic Herbal Tea

A nod toward Smith’s sprawling gardens, Botanic Blend—a fragrant and floral tea with hints of ginger, peppermint, rose, and elderflower—will help you unwind and recharge after a busy day.

Ingredients: Ginger*, Tulsi*, Peppermint*, Licorice*, Burdock*, Apple*, Hibiscus*, Dandelion*, Rose*, Rose hip*, Elderflower*, Cornflower*, Calendula*, Natural fruit flavors.

Naturally caffeine-free | *Organic

Logos that say: Plant based, no plastic; Made in solar-powered facility; Carbon sequester forest; Wetland preservation; Grown on family farms; USDA organic; VegeCert certified vegan

Not Just for Fridays

There are a few ways you can get your hands on the tea, no matter where you are.

In Store

In Northampton? Stop by the Smith bookstore at 8 Green Street and grab a few boxes.


If you can’t get to campus, no problem! Both tea blends are available to order online.

At the Café

Purchase a single serving or a whole box at the Campus Center Café.

“Sipping the Smithie Breakfast with a little bit of honey mixed in—favorite and most cherished part of my day.”
Lucie Bodnar ‘16
“The Botanic Blend is the perfect beverage when I want something warm to drink in the afternoon but I don’t want the caffeine. I’m completely hooked on it!”
Lil Knight ‘94
“I’ve always loved black tea, and I think this one is just so delicious. It feels soothing, and sweet; it just has such a homey feel to it.”
SJ Senet ‘26J

Steeped in Tradition

The tradition of tea at Smith dates back well over 100 years. A time for friends to gather together at the end of a busy week, Friday house teas—and the laughter, joy, and community they inspire—are a quintessential part of being a Smithie. 

Served in custom Smith teacups (yes, complete with matching saucers!) for decades, tea at Smith signals togetherness and connection in a way that still bonds Smithies of all class years, all across the globe.