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Graduating Early

Graduating early is known as acceleration. If you have enough credit to graduate and can complete your major you may, with the agreement of your adviser and department, ask the Administrative Board to accelerate the degree process to allow you to graduate early. 


Normally, to accelerate you must:

  • have a cumulative average of at least a B (3.0)
  • have been in residence at Smith College for four semesters, including two of your final four semesters
  • submit your acceleration form at least two semesters ahead of time if you are planning to study abroad
  • talk with your class dean before filling out the form

Maximum Transfer Credits

To graduate early, you may apply no more than a combined total of 32 credits of:

  • advanced placement (or IB, Abitur, etc.)
  • prematriculation (college credit earned before beginning your studies at Smith)
  • interterm
  • summer school

See Transfer Credit for limits on different kinds of credit.

Apply for Acceleration

Type directly into the form; it will add your credit numbers for you. Keep in mind that you should include the course subject and course number on the form in addition to an abbreviated course title (for example, ECO150 Intro Micro). When the form is completed, print it, sign it and then obtain the signatures of your adviser and the chair of your department. If you have two majors you must submit a form for each major and obtain the necessary signatures for each major.  Submit the form/s to the class deans office and fill out the Petition to Administrative Board found here.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid award will not be adjusted if you graduate early. Smith does not offer financial aid to help cover the expense of summer school.