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There are a number of funding sources for Smith undergraduates to help cover costs associated with special programs or needs, unanticipated events or emergencies. The Dean of the College website also provides a listing of available funds for Smith undergraduates.

Funds for Honors Thesis Projects

The Nancy Kershaw Tomlinson Memorial Fund helps students cover expenses incurred in carrying out approved honors projects.

Alumnae Scholarship

Alumnae Scholarship Application

Alumnae Scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year. Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are due on March 20, 2023.

If you are a senior or an alumna and anticipate entering your first year of graduate studies, you are eligible to apply for an Alumnae Scholarship. Awards are competitive and require a recommendation from your department. Students who receive awards are expected to pursue full-time graduate study. There are three different grants:

Clara Willoughby Davidson

Clara Willoughby Davidson Memorial
One scholarship awarded for the first year of graduate study in a course of advanced study in the field of Biblical literature or philosophy of religion. This scholarship may be divided.

Jean Fine Spahr

Jean Fine Spahr
Fellowship designed for graduates of Smith College for the first year of graduate study at an approved university in the United States or abroad. Two Spahr grants are awarded each year; there is no departmental restriction.

Edna Hunkemeir

Edna Hunkemeier
One scholarship awarded to a promising student entering her first year of graduate study in the field of music.