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A Culture of Care

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Funding for Students

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A limited amount of funding is available to undergraduate Smith students in need for emergencies, special programs, conferences and some unanticipated events. These funds are limited and in most cases will not cover the entire cost of the emergency/event.

Funds For Current Undergraduates

There are three applications that cover a variety of students’ needs that can be found under Forms in the Smith Social Network (you must be logged into the Smith Social Network to view the forms). These applications allow for you to apply using one application, and the offices that can fund you will work together to make the best package for you. 

For emergencies, please fill out the “Emergency Funding Application.” This application is for general travel, and medical/dental/glasses emergencies.

For academic needs, please fill out the “Academic Funding Application.” This application is for textbooks, fine arts supplies, computer repair, special studies, graduate school application processes, post-graduation plans, graduation cap/gown, ivy day clothes, co-curricular activities, and projects/travel with a religious/ethical/community service component.

For conference funding, please fill out the “Universal Conference Fund Application." 

All requests for technology during the COVID-19 pandemic need to be submitted through the COVID-19 digital support form.

See Financial Assistance by Office for a listing of all funds.

See the document below for a listing of funds organized by category.

Emergency Funding for Traditional Aged Students

Examples of emergency funding may include airfare home due to the death or severe illness of a member of the immediate family, or emergency medical or dental care not covered by insurance, including prescription glasses.


Undergraduate students enrolled at Smith are eligible to apply for emergency funding. These funds are discretionary, and therefore flexible, but have restrictions as well. Students who have graduated or who are on leave are not eligible for funding.

How to Apply

Please complete the Emergency Funding Application on the Smith Social Network (you must be signed in to access the form).