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Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) helps students make intentional decisions about their involvement, both in and out of the classroom, for a more meaningful Smith experience. We encourage students to engage in learning without limits by creating and encouraging opportunities for involvement that will help them connect to Smith and the global community.

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About the Office of Student Engagement

Mike Makoski 

Associate Director of Student Engagement


Stacey Sirois

Assistant Director of Student Engagement 


Values That Guide Our Work

The Office of Student Engagement assists students in making intentional decisions about their in and out of class involvement for a more meaningful Smith experience. Together with our learning outcomes, these core values are integral to our success.

Social Justice

The OSE embraces diversity in all its forms, including the multiple identities of ethnicity, race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and socioeconomic status, as well as every aspect of our life that defines our humanity. Our commitment to social justice refers to the intentional and consistent valuing, respecting and inclusion of all people and development of an environment where this is possible.

Intentional Learning

As educators, the OSE staff is committed to providing intentional learning opportunities and assessing best practices. We encourage student responsibility, creativity, accountability, personal and professional growth, and development.


Our staff is committed to finding and creating opportunities for all students to interact with their community according to their interests, strengths, activities and curiosities. We provide an experience exemplifying a consistent commitment to quality by exceeding community expectations in our programs, facilities and services. Through programs, facilities and staff interactions, we embrace the opportunity to collaborate with our community for the successful completion of their goals and initiatives.


The Smith College Campus Center offers space and resources for students, faculty and staff to experience joy, have fun, be well and grow. Housed within the Campus Center, the OSE is dedicated to supporting the community's use of the space for programs and events, to practice balance, and to relax and reconnect with one another in meaningful ways.

Learning Outcomes

Through involvement with the OSE, students will:

  • Report growth in their own confidence, decision making, conflict resolution and/or interpersonal communication and their sense of belonging to the college campus through participation in a student organization.
  • Identify ways in which they contribute to an efficient and effective team as employees of the OSE.
  • Develop an understanding of the role that the student engagement hub plays in developing a healthy, vibrant and just community.

Developed in the spring of 2021, the Blueprint for Belonging is the student engagement education model which guides the learning that happens through involvement and a student’s engagement in life outside of the classroom. The Blueprint was developed to allow us to be more intentional with regard to the learning we create and support for the students in our community and allow us as professionals, to strengthen partnerships across campus. The Blueprint starts with the end in mind - determine what we want students to learn and develop learning goals and outcomes that help them get there. This model encourages students to be the author of their own stories, to embrace their role as community builders, and help them to determine who they are in the world and how they want to engage. 

As a professional team, the Blueprint will help shape our year in advising, in programming and in student employment. Thinking critically about what we do and how we talk about our work, will help us focus on what we have determined as important components of building a strong community. No longer holding on to programs because of history, the Blueprint will allow us to shape our engagement framework, helping students map their involvement across the College and delivering on a more inclusive, engaged and equitable student experience.

Student employment is more than a paycheck when you work for the Office of Student Engagement. It's about fostering your personal and professional growth, increasing your marketable skills and preparing for work outside of Smith College. It's a leadership experience you choose to fit your needs.

Available Positions

OSE SET, Student Engagement Team

The OSE Student Engagement Team, SET, works with our professional staff to manage and support events, programs and respond to customer's need in the Campus Center. The Team is responsible for staffing the Information Desk, taking care of room furniture and technical needs for meetings and events, staffing the main Office of Student Engagement, supporting project management and all OSE programming initiatives  Applications are accepted in Workday throughout the year with hiring taking place in November and April.

OSE PET, Party & Events Team

The Party & Events Team is a specialized group trained to support special events, including parties in both the Campus Center and in the Houses. Students are trained on party and event management, safety protacals, and must be willing to work nights and weekends. Applications are accepted in Workday throughout the year.

Julia McWilliams Child ’34 Campus Center

Reservable Spaces in the Campus Center

Reserve a Space

The OSE coordinates and reserves Campus Center meeting spaces, equipment and support services for campus departments, groups and student organizations. 

Offices and departments must reserve space through the 25Live Reservation System. Student organizations should reserve space through the Smith Social Network Event Registration process which will automatically book their space in the 25Live system. Please allow three business days for processing a space request. All reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. The required time for setup and breakdown will be figured into your reservation time by the scheduler.

Organizations, offices and departments may only reserve two meeting rooms and the Carroll Room or three meeting rooms without the Carroll Room for their event or program. The entire building cannot be booked for one event without special permission. Reservations will only be confirmed one semester in advance. Requests for events not affiliated with or sponsored by Smith must be coordinated through Summer Programs and Conferences

Chapin Lawn Display

The Chapin Lawn display is an exhibit space for the college community to display various forms of art and program and event materials. Shepherd's hooks with a line to affix exhibits will be set up according to the amount of space required for program materials, which will be determined through an event consultation with OSE administrative staff.

Nolen Art Lounge

The Nolen Art Lounge is a versatile, light-filled gallery space. With its adjustable lighting, moving walls and free-standing pedestals, it allows us to constantly change the look of Nolen as well as accommodate many different artistic mediums, including two- and three- dimensional art, movie screenings and dance performances. 

The Office of Student Engagement is looking for student artists interested in displaying their artwork in a professional gallery space on campus to apply. Applicants who are selected for an exhibition slot will be advised on the installation and curatorial process, as well as supported in two accompanying programs: An opening reception, as well as a workshop or discussion that is open to the public.

Proposals will be reviewed by the OSE, and accepted exhibitions will be confirmed over email the following week. Questions regarding Nolen should be directed to

The Art Wall

Reservations may not exceed 16 days and must be reserved for a minimum of four days. Included within the 16-day reservation period are setup and takedown days. This means that an exhibit will be online for viewing for a period of 14 days with the first day of the reservation designated for setup and the final day for takedown.

Campus Center Art Wall Guidelines

Rooms 003, 102, 103/104, 203, 204 & 205
The Campus Center has several spaces that are equipped with a screen and projection equipment. Please request this equipment as a resource on your online reservation so it will be set up and ready for your use upon arrival.

Carroll Room

A versatile and technologically equipped space designed for unforgettable events. With maple paneling, this room accommodates banquets and presentations, offering comfortable seating arrangements that can be customized to your needs. The room is equipped with Zoom capabilities, allowing seamless integration of virtual attendees from anywhere, while wireless microphone conference units provide clear audio. A lectern adds a touch of professionalism, and blackout shades and acoustic curtains ensure great lighting and sound quality. Assisted listening devices are available, and various room setups are offered for your convenience

TV Lounge

This space can comfortably hold 25 people for an event. It is ideal for small bands, coffee house events, mixers, etc. All furniture stays in the room, but can moved to accommodate a small stage. There is house lighting for performances in this space.

Davis Ballroom

The Davis Ballroom, while not in the Campus Center, is managed by the OSE. This room can accommodate large dinners or parties. Capacities vary from 150 to 300. All setups are managed through facilities management. Technical requests will be handled by ETS or the OSE Support Team based on the requested needs. Student event staffing will be determined and provided by the Campus Center.

All Chapin Lawn reservations are restricted to the lawn itself and may not breach the "drip line" or mulched spaces beneath trees located on the lawn. There are limited electrical/power resources in and around the lawn, although additional power may be coordinated through facilities management after the space reservation has been submitted. Staking into the lawn is restricted to avoid damage to the lawn's sprinkler system.

Chapin Lawn Display

Chapin Lawn display is an exhibit space for the college community to display various forms of art and program and event materials. Shepherd's hooks with a line to affix exhibits will be set up according to the amount of space required for program materials, which will be determined through an event consultation with OSE administrative staff.

Chapin Deck

Chapin deck comprises the two large concrete and granite "steps" before you enter Chapin Lawn. All Chapin deck reservations are restricted to the deck itself and will not exceed the deck space. There are limited electrical/power resources in and around the deck space, although additional power may be coordinated through facilities management after the space reservation has been submitted. Staking into the lawn is restricted to avoid damage to the sprinkler system.

Davis Lawn

Davis Lawn is the area directly in front of Davis and is surrounded by a fence. Setups are coordinated through the events management office in collaboration with facilities management after the space reservation has been submitted. There is no electrical power on the lawn, although power may be supplied by facilities management after the space reservation has been submitted. Staking into Davis Lawn is permitted.

Students, faculty and staff may reserve one of several available vending tables in the Campus Center during the academic year. Vending table reservations are limited to a maximum of three consecutive days. Vending tables can be moved outdoors to the Chapin deck when the weather permits and space is available.

Groups looking to become either chartered or recognized organizations through the SGA are eligible to reserve a vending space, a room, and/or a banner space in order to gauge interest from the student body about the new organization. These spaces cannot be used for programming and students must first be in touch with the SGA Chartering Committee about the process before any space can be booked. 

Building Policies

The Smith College Campus Center is open to Smith students, faculty, and staff as well as guests, including those from the local community who are attending registered meetings or functions or simply seeking a place to relax.

Decorations & Equipment

The Campus Center requires advance notice of any non-Campus Center equipment that will be brought into the facility. This includes tables, chairs, rental equipment and decorations. You must provide a list of equipment and decorations to the Office of Student Engagement seven days before the event. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Campus Center as they may interfere with the fire detection system. Tape, nails  or any other method of affixing items to any surface are not permitted without prior approval.

Food & Beverages

Per the Dining Services policy, food, beverages and refreshments for events in the Campus Center must be ordered and purchased through the Campus Center Café. If using an outside caterer, you must obtain written permission from the cafe manager 10 days before the event; a copy of the permission must be sent to the Office of Student Engagement, Campus Center 106. If permission is granted, a contract between the outside caterer and sponsoring Smith organization must be on file in the OSE before the event takes place.


All lounge spaces have furniture that is permanent to their locations. Due to limited storage, we are not able to remove furniture from rooms, but we can accommodate requests to adjust the furniture in each room. All reservation setups must be requested with a 25 live space reservation. If you would like to move furniture for your event after the request has been submitted, please seek assistance from the OSE Operations Coordinator or the SET. If we are able to accommodate the request, furniture will be moved.


The Campus Center has very limited storage space available for event materials. Storage will depend on space availability and is provided for Campus Center events only. The Office of Student Engagement staff must approve all requests for storage no fewer than seven days before the scheduled event. Event organizers should have materials delivered just before their event and removed immediately upon its conclusion. Event sponsors are responsible for moving stored items to the event location on the day of the event. All materials remaining in the Campus Center will be discarded no later than two days after an event has concluded. The OSE staff and Smith College are not responsible for items stored within the facility.

Vending Tables

Students, faculty and staff may reserve vending tables in the Campus Center during the academic year. Vending table reservations are limited to a maximum of three consecutive days. If you wish to use the wireless OneCard machine, please request this when you register your event on the Social Network. There is a monthly charge of 5% of your total sales to use the machine. Students: If your vending reservation involves any exchange of money, you must obtain a cash box from the Office of Student Engagement, room 106, and return it to the office by the end of the day. Cashboxes cannot be held overnight. Vending tables can be moved outdoors to the Chapin deck when the weather permits and space is available. 


Members of the Smith community (students, faculty and staff) are allowed to advertise Smith College events by hanging banners in the Campus Center. All banners must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement and will be hung by facility staff on Monday by 12 noon. Any banners not dropped off by the 12 noon deadline will not be hung. Unauthorized banners will be removed. No more than 14 banners will be hung at any given time, except those for special all-college events. Banners must be picked up on the Tuesday after removal from CC 106; banners not picked up within 24 hours will be recycled. The Campus Center Banner Request form on the Smith Social Network (log-in required in order to view the form) must be submitted in advance of dropping off your banner.


Chalking is not permitted on the concrete entrance pathways and/or granite Campus Center steps; chalking may be done only on asphalt roads and walkways. You may only use erasable chalk (grease-based chalk is not permitted), and each chalking must be signed with the full name of the person or group responsible. Other individuals or groups within the community may not add to the chalkings or remove them. College administration may remove all chalkings in any specific area of campus. The Smith College policy on chalking can be found in the Smith College Student Handbook.


The Campus Center will provide easels for posters to publicize your event. These are available on the day of the event only and will be placed in the building at the discretion of the Office of Student Engagement staff. Please mount sign(s) on poster board for easy display on the easels. Event organizers are responsible for providing sign(s).


Materials and items can be posted only on the Campus Center cork bulletin boards located on the garden and main levels. Items posted on any other part of the building—including walls, rails, beams, glass, doors and restrooms—will be removed. These policies are intended to protect the facility from damage and to avoid placement of posted items that may create a safety hazard. All bulletin boards in the building will be cleared every Sunday. Please note: Suction cups and blue tape will be provided upon request with a valid space reservation for use in meeting spaces.


The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Smith College Campus Center except when sold and/or served by Smith College dining services in an approved area. You may not bring alcohol into the facility for any reason. All events and individuals must comply with college policies and state laws governing the use of alcohol.

Bicycles and Other Wheeled Items

During the academic year, all bicycles on campus must be parked or stored in a bicycle rack. Bicycles and other wheeled items may not be secured to fire hydrants, trees, parking signs, fences, stairwells, ramps (handicap and/or other), or in the egress path of any building. Bicycles may not be stored in student rooms. Bikes may not be walked through or brought into any meeting room in the Campus Center.

At the conclusion of each academic year, all bicycles left on exterior bicycle racks will be removed and donated. For a full description of the Smith College Bicycle Policy please refer to the Student Handbook.

Fire Safety

Open flames and the burning of incense are prohibited in the Campus Center for fire safety. Candles must be battery powered. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Campus Center as they may interfere with the fire detection system.

Fireworks, Firearms, Explosives or Weapons

Weapons or explosives of any kind are prohibited on campus in accordance with Massachusetts State Law and college policy. Anyone who sees an individual carrying a weapon should notify Campus Police immediately.


The Campus Center requires that all visitors must be fully clothed and wearing shoes at all times while utilizing the facility.

Roller Skating and/or Skateboarding/Scooters

Roller Skating, Scooting and/or Skateboarding is not permitted in the Campus Center or any entrance, staircase or handicapped ramp in or around the building.

Service Animals

The Campus Center only permits service animals in the building. No pets or support animals of any kind are permitted.

Per the Student Handbook: Support animals must be kept in student rooms and are not allowed in public areas of the house except to enter ot exit the building and are not allowed in other campus buildings.


Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in the Campus Center in compliance with the Smith College smoking policy and the Massachusetts Clean Indoor Air Act. This smoking ban extends to the outside deck of the Carroll Room, vestibules between doors and the Campus Center Café deck. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of any college facility, including the Campus Center.


Access to the Campus Center is restricted to active members of the Smith College community after 7 p.m. during the academic year. Exterior doors will be locked and entry will only be allowed with an active OneCard.

Room Usage

Confirmed 25Live reservations are needed to host official meetings and events in any space in the Campus Center. If a meeting room is not in use, informal gatherings and use of space we welcome; all of our rooms are free to use when they are not reserved for events or meetings. Please check the daily schedule of events at the eventrace to each meeting space to confirm availability and note that you may be asked to leave a space if the building staff needs to set up the space for the next meeting or event.

Digital Signage

The digital signage in the Campus Center is managed by the OSE staff. Requests to add a poster or flyer to the display should be sent as a jpeg or png file to Please indicate in the saved title, the name of the event and when you would like to have the material taken down.

Event Equipment Rentals

The Campus Center does not have event equipment that is designed to leave the Campus Center or Davis Ballroom. If you need outside equipment, we are happy to recommend other sources, both on and off campus.

Gaming Equipment Rentals

The OSE has a variety of outdoor and board games available for members of the community to borrow. Please fill out the Equipment Use Form on the Smith Social Network under Forms. Games must be picked up and returned at the agreed upon time. Any broken equipment or missing pieces will be billed to the organization, office or department.

The Smith College Solicitation Policy, Section 107

Solicitation, canvassing, and leafleting on college premises are limited in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. The policy is not intended to infringe on the rights of members of the college as individuals to freely express and exchange views and to associate with others. Rather, the policy is intended to ensure the continuity of college work and operations; to avoid the misuse of college facilities or resources in ways which would impair its nonprofit, nonsectarian, independent and nonpolitical status; and to preserve both the fact and the appearance of the college’s impartiality.

See also the college's Political & Campaign Activities Policy.


College employees may not engage in solicitation or canvassing of any kind, including solicitation for membership or subscriptions, during working time. In addition, employees may not distribute leaflets or written materials of any kind during working time or at any time in work areas, or in areas where distribution of such materials disrupts services. Working time means the time employees are actually engaged in work and does not include authorized meal time or break time.

Employees may not use their college positions or the college’s facilities, letterhead, communications media (including campus or electronic mail) or other resources for purposes of political or other solicitation or canvassing.

The president may provide an exception to permit the use of college staff time and resources for canvassing for contributions, and the use of voluntary payroll withholding, to collect for charitable, educational, or related programs (standing approval has been given for United Way and Service Organizations of Smith), or for programs directly sponsored by the college.


Non-college individuals, groups or organizations are not permitted to engage in solicitation of any kind, nor may they distribute written material of any kind on college property, except as provided for in official contractual or purchase order arrangements or as explicitly authorized by the controller's office.

Student Programs

Student at the control board of the college radio station

Clubs & Organizations

What organization will you join or local community agency will you volunteer for? Or do you want to play a club sport? It’s your choice. All Smith students are members of the Student Government Association, which supports the programs of more than 150 organizations catering to students with varied interests. You can join—or lead—any of these organizations. Learn more about clubs and organizations, as well as events on and around campus, on the Smith Social Network.

Clubs & Organizations

Smith Votes

Smith Votes boosts civic engagement on campus by helping students register to vote, learn about candidates and issues and become more involved in local, state and national elections. Smith students have a strong history of voting, with 82% taking part in the 2020 presidential election. U.S. citizens attending and living at a Massachusetts college may become Massachusetts registered voters. Learn more at the links below and follow Smith Votes on FacebookInstagram and the Smith Social Network. Smith Votes is a partnership between the Student Government Association, the President’s Office, the Office of Student Engagement, the Wurtele Center for Leadership and the Jandon Center for Community Engagement.

Contact Office of Student Engagement

Julia McWilliams Child ’34 Campus Center 106

Smith College

100 Elm Street

Northampton, MA 01063