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If reasonable and necessary, the following are examples of reimbursable expenses.

  • Air and rail travel
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased in conjunction with official College business entertainment (except for grants & contracts)
  • Business related subscriptions
  • Car rental
  • Change or cancellation penalties imposed by the airlines if due to unavoidable circumstances (supporting documentation must be supplied with the T&E form)
  • Gasoline for rental vehicles
  • Ground transportation including taxi and metro fares, mileage for personal vehicles, parking fees, and tolls
  • Hotel business center and internet charges
  • Laundry/dry cleaning during trips longer than five calendar days
  • Lodging
  • Meals and entertainment while on official College business
  • Miscellaneous (room service, luggage storage, and valet)
  • Non-employee travel costs (job applicants, guest lecturers, consultants, and others)
  • Registration and fees for attendance at approved conferences and seminars
  • Taxes associated with transportation, lodging, and meals
  • Tips associated with lodging, meals, and transportation if customary.

The following are examples of generally nonreimbursable expenses and should be considered a partial listing:

  • Airline club membership fees
  • Annual membership for charge cards
  • Baggage insurance
  • Car wash
  • Cash advances or any pre-paid gift cards
  • Cellular phones and related service fees
  • Clothing
  • Commuting costs to/from home and normal place of business
  • Costs incurred by unreasonable failure to cancel reservations
  • Dependent care
  • Donations and contributions
  • Entertainment under federal grants and contracts
  • Excessive tipping
  • Expenses that have been or will be paid or reimbursed by an outside source
  • Fees, interest, and/or late charges associated with personal credit cards
  • Fines or tickets resulting from traffic, parking, or other violations
  • Fines and penalties
  • Firearms, ammunition or explosives
  • Funding of PayPal accounts
  • Golf or tennis court fees, membership in country, tennis, or golf clubs, or any sporting equipment, except when part of a preauthorized group event
  • Haircuts
  • In-flight headsets
  • Interest or late charges on a Corporate Card
  • Lawn care
  • Life and accident insurance premiums
  • Lost, broken, or stolen property
  • Luggage or briefcases
  • Maid service
  • Meals when traveling locally on College business
  • Movies or games (hotel, theater, or rentals)
  • Moving expenses
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Personal items
  • Pet care
  • Service to independent contractors or consultants (See independent contractor policy)

Accounts Payable Forms


Only original receipts are accepted for reimbursements. Not sure if it's an invoice? If the words packing slip, acknowledgement or statement are written somewhere on the document, it is not an invoice.


Approvals for reimbursements may only be made by the person’s direct supervisor or higher authority.

Processing Times

Checks are processed once a week on Wednesday, and mailed on Thursday. Direct deposits are processed once a week.


Payment requests are processed on a first-in basis. Every effort is made to process requests as quickly as possible; however there are certain times during the year with unusually high volume where some requests may be delayed a week. Contact a staff member if a payment requires immediate attention.

Contact Accounts Payable

College Hall 103

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-2229 Email:

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