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Smith College strives to ensure access to its facilities, programs, and events. Guests, visitors, and alumni come to campus throughout the year to attend events, meetings, Commencement, and to enjoy Smith's many wonderful resources. In addition, the Botanic Garden, the Museum of Art, and the Campus Center are all open and accessible to the community and visitors.

Note that the ARC primarily serves students. If you are a non-student and have questions or need access-related assistance, please contact the area of campus you plan to visit. Outside of regular hours, please contact campus safety for assistance. 

Prospective Students

If you plan to be on campus for a visit, please feel free to set up an appointment with our office. We encourage you to connect and would be happy to meet in person to answer your questions. You are also welcome to contact us by telephone.

If you plan to arrange a meeting with the admission staff or a tour of the campus and you will need accommodations, such as a sign language interpreter or mobility assistance, please inform the admission staff two weeks in advance so that they may best prepare for your visit.

Attending an Event

Wheelchair Access

Events open to the public are scheduled in wheelchair accessible locations to the greatest extent possible.

If you wish to attend a specific event and want to confirm accessibility or make a request for specific accommodations, please contact the sponsor of the event or the Accessibility Resource Center.

Sign Language Interpreters or Real-Time Captioning/C-Print

Requests for sign language interpreters or real-time captioning/C-Print should be made at least two weeks in advance to allow time for arrangements to be made. We will work to fill later requests, but interpreters and captionists are often booked far in advance. Interpreters for performances are very difficult to find in this area, so as much lead time as possible will increase the likelihood we will be able to provide this service. For more information or to submit a request, contact

Alternate Format Materials

If you need print materials in large print or digital format, requests can be made a few days to a week in advance by contacting us. Audio or Braille materials may take longer to prepare.


Visitors who require accessible parking may use any of the designated spaces on campus with a properly displayed state-issued plate or placard from any state. If you are visiting and need a temporary pass for an acute situation, please contact

A map of the accessible spaces on campus can be obtained from campus safety or by looking at the online interactive campus map.

Commencement & Reunion

Commencement planning routinely includes many arrangements to ensure access for people with a range of disabilities. To foster inclusivity, the college offers this guide to accessibility information for commencement, so that each of our community members can make informed decisions about engagement. If you would like to request accommodations, please see the forms linked in the Making Accommodations Requests tab. Note that while we do our best, we are not able to meet every request; forms submitted with the requested number of weeks advance notice are more likely to be fulfilled. 

  • Mobility: Requires standing for approximately 30 minutes, then walking stop-and-go for about 45 minutes, about .25 mile. 

  • Mobility: Seating is on the grass. 

  • Sensory: Parade environment tends to be crowded. 

  • Parking: Commencement attendees may drive up to the graduation entrance to drop off disabled passengers. Drivers with disabilities may use the spaces available across campus and request transportation to the Commencement site via an accessible van by calling 413-585-2490. Please allow an hour or more to ensure that you are transported and can be seated before Commencement begins.

  • Designated Seating: A reserved section is provided for people with mobility disabilities, and a separate section is set aside for those needing a sign language interpreter. You must request a ticket in order to be seated in either of these designated areas. Tickets are typically issued for one disabled person and one guest. Please include any requests for exceptions in your form submission. 

  • Sign Language Interpreters and Amplification: Please submit a form with this specific request at least two weeks in advance so that interpreters can be selected to meet your specific communication needs. The entire event is amplified to the whole audience. 

  • Distance and Time: After students arrive at quad for lineup, requires standing in place for approximately an hour, sometimes more, then walking slowly for 20-25 minutes about .25 mile. After seated, the walk to and across stage varies based on which row you are in, but may add 10 or so minutes of standing/walking time and several hundred feet of distance. 

  • Mobility: Seating area is on the grass. 

  • Mobility: Wires are housed in small plastic casing which create “speed bumps,” of particular note for those with wheeled mobility devices. 

  • Mobility: Procession requires going down at least one flight of stairs, sometimes two if placed near front of line. If stairs are a barrier for you due to mobility-related needs, please make sure to fill out the student form linked below so we can prepare for you ahead of time.

  • Mobility: Diploma circle is up a flight of stairs. 

  • Sensory: The environment tends to be loud and crowded. 

  • Please be advised that the Accessibility Resource Center does not have wheelchairs available for loan. If you or a guest is in need of a wheelchair or other medical equipment, please contact Hometown Medical at 413-320-4665 well in advance to ensure availability.

  • Students: please fill out this student form by Friday April 12, and contact or 413-585-2071 with any questions. 

  • Family and community members: please have your student fill out this guest form by Friday April 19, and contact or 413-585-2407 with any questions. 

  • Alumnae, please indicate needs related to accessible housing, sign language interpreters, transportation, dietary needs, etc., in your general registration process and reach out to Alumnae Relations with questions.