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Major Requirements

The major requires the completion of ten semester courses, totaling 40 credit hours. These courses shall comprise SWG prefix courses and department-based courses chosen from a list of possibilities compiled yearly by the Program for the Study of Women and Gender. Any given course may fill more than one of the requirements below; but the total number of courses should add up to at least 10 (and no more than 16), at least two of which must be 300-level seminars:

  1. SWG 150 Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender*
  2. Two 300-level courses (one of which must be SWG-prefix)
  3. One course with Queer studies focus
  4. One course within Race & Ethnicity Studies Focus
  5. One course within Transnational, Postcolonial and Diasporic studies
  1. Four (4) courses with the SWG prefix, including 150 and one 300-level seminar (one seminar may be taken in 5 colleges w/ adviser approval)

No more than 8 SWG special Studies Credits may count toward the major; no more than 4 credits should be taken in any academic year.

*Normally taken in the first or second year, and which may not be elected S/U

Click for helpful checklist

Senior Statement Requirement

In the senior year, a student will complete a statement reflecting on the connections among the courses in her major, and identifying what questions have been the most important to her. The senior statement and SWG advising checklist are due to the faculty adviser by the Friday before spring break.

Special Studies

For qualified juniors and seniors. Offered both semesters each year. 1 to 4 credits. Admission by permission of the instructor and director of the program. No more than 4 special studies credits may be taken in any academic year and no more than 8 special studies credits total may be applied toward the major.

Double Majors

Students who double major in the Study of Women and Gender and another field may count toward the SWG major a maximum of three courses they choose to count toward another major, minor or concentration.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are expected to complete at least half of their major (or five courses) at Smith (or approved Five College courses).

Minor Requirements

In consultation with an adviser from the Study of Women and Gender program committee, a student will select six approved courses (or a total of 24 credits) in the program, including:

  1. SWG 150 Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender*
  2. One queer studies course
  3. One women, race and culture course
  4. Three additional courses in the program

Minors are strongly encouraged to elect at least one course at the 300 level.

*Normally taken in the first or second year, and which may not be elected S/U.