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welcome to Laura Fugikawa!

Queering Displacement: Race, Sexuality & Space
SWG 324 Tuesdays 1-4 HILLYR L19 CRN 21682
Laura Sachiko Fugikawa
Drawing from contemporary theories of race, gender and sexuality, Queering Displacement is an upper-level interdisciplinary seminar that examines state-sanctioned displacements in the 20th and 21st centuries. We will question who is made to move and for what purpose and why some are allowed to remain. We will consider the creation and positioning of spaces such as reservations, inner-cities, prisons and housing projects within U.S. history and culture. We will investigate how the state constructs specific raced and sexualized bodies as a threat and how state and cultural powers have mobilized to contain these threats. We will ask how the state uses removal and displacement to contain “queer” bodies and how communities strive to liberate themselves from containment.

SWG 204 T/TH 9:00-10:20 Seelye 202

In this course we will identify US women of color and Indigenous feminist’s main intellectual interventions, concerns and praxis. In the first part of the class, we will look at key themes in women of color and Indigenous feminisms including: colonialism, representation, sexuality, belonging, sexism and racism. The second part of the class will focus on women of color and Indigenous women’s critique of and organizing around issues of state violence, reproductive rights, settler colonialism and the prison industrial complex.


SEPTEMBER 16-18 2016 Outfest on the Road


The Program for the Study of Women and Gender is excited to announce the first annual Outfest onto Road Film Festival. Outfest on the Road offers attendees the unique opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge films that screened at the 2016 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival and Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival, alongside queer film classics from the Outfest archive. This festival brings Outfest’s award-winning documentaries, feature-length films, and short film programs to Northampton for a weekend. Outfest on the Road, at Smith College, is the first festival to bring Outfest film programming to a collegiate community. The festival runs from September 16-18 at the Academy of Music and Smith College.

For the full schedule and more information about the screenings and events please visit our website http://sophia.smith.edu/outfestontheroad and our Facebook Page: Outfest On The Road: Smith College

September 22, 2016, Seelye Hall 101 7:30 pm

Jamie Cantrell


October 22
Gillian Thomas
Neilson Browsing, 7:00 pm






Congratulations to our SWG Prize Winners



Valeria Dean Burgess Stevens Prize
Tanvi Kapoor 17J, Rachel Farber '16

Jeanne McFarland Prize
Shabia Furkan '16, Jocelyne Proietti '16

Schuster Van Dyne Prize
Eden Bonjo '16

Meg Quigley Prize
Eleanor Adachie '17, Catherine Hartup '19, Monika Song-Ngam '17, Briana Barrett '19, Mia Lloyd '19





A Public Conversation with Urvashi Vaid and Dean Spade

Urvashi Vaid and Dean Spade share perspectives on how nonprofitization and funder influence impact the race and gender politics of contemporary LGBT work, and what strategies are being developed by queer and trans activists both within and outside nonprofit structures to build a movement centered in racial and economic justice.

More information >