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Stydy of Women and Gender

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Women, Race and Culture

The thematic focus in Women, Race and Culture seeks to understand gender as a category of analysis in the context of race, class, ethnicity and nationality. To that end, we seek to problematize issues of identity, genre, policy and practice specifically as they pertain to women. Implicit in our position is the belief that there is no one universal feminist standpoint and that gender oppression has much to do with the politics of location and dislocation.

Our focus is on gauging how relations of power have shaped women's knowledge, social practices and forms of resistance. We emphasize the distinct modes of analysis that women of color have brought to understanding their condition and how these are reflected in their political struggles: indigenous epistemologies, third- and fourth-world feminisms, black feminisms, womanisms and socialism.

The subjects that we cover include women and work, women as culture makers, writers, artists, performers, family as a site of resistance and domination, women and nationalism, images and representations of women of color, self representations, colonial and postcolonial identities, militarization, migrations, global capitalism, human rights, activism and community practice.


The following is a list of courses that may count toward the concentration. The Smith College Course Catalog is always the definitive source for determining if course is offered this academic year.

Study of Women & Gender

Afro-American Studies

American Studies

Art History

Brazilian & Portuguese

Comparative Literature

  • CLT 315 Feminist Novel in Africa
  • East Asian Language & Literature

    English Language & Literature

    French Language & Literature

    Italian Language & Literature

    Latin American Studies


    Presidential Seminars