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Student Organizations

The Center for Religious & Spiritual Life supports a variety of student-run groups. Contact the organization heads to find out more, or propose an organization of your own!

CRSL-Supported Student Organizations

Al Iman

Al Iman is a Muslim Students’ Association affiliated with MSA National, dedicated to create an environment for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together and participate in social events. Al Iman’s goals include planning activities to better enable Smith students to understand Islam, its image in the world, and its political, spiritual, and human implications. The organization promotes values that circle around unity, a local and global community, and the value of humanity.


Contacts for 2023-2024: 

Co-chairs: Muneera Alshagawi & Ramsha Rauf

Treasurer: Ida Sy

Secretary: Fatima Konate

Religious Chairs: Ayesha Syar

Publicity Chairs: Nafia Mohamed & Nadira Talayee 

Social Justice and Equity Chair: Kadiatou Diallo 

Animal Advocates

We love exploring all animal rights related and intersectional issues that people are interested in! We love to meet new people, host events and movies, go on field trips to visit animal sanctuaries and shelters, and cook/bake together. We are committed to doing what we can to decrease the suffering of animals, and of humans, and are in solidarity with all justice movements.

Check on Smith Social Network for information

The purpose of Blackappella is to celebrate the history of black people by singing traditional spirituals and contemporary music by and for black folks across the diaspora. In paying homage to those who came before us, Blackappella recognizes our connections to one another. Blackappella came into existence in the fall of 2016 out of the pain and trauma of black students grappling with the current state of anti-blackness in the country. Through music, this club creates a space to talk about faith, healing, community, and activism. Blackappella’s mission is first to empower black students through song, and secondly to use our collective voices to engage the larger community in the fight for black life. #BLACKLIVESMATTER always.

2023-2024 Contact: Zora Danticat,

Catholic Club

The Newman Catholic Club a group dedicated to giving Catholic Smithies the opportunity to worship with their fellow Catholics. It strives to strengthen the Catholic community at Smith. Open to everyone.


For Fall Semester 2023, Mass is held at 3pm in the Helen Hills Hills Chapel Sanctuary.

Contact: Newman Club President Maria Tejada Gonzalez, 

First Baptist Church of Amherst Growth Group

Growth Group is a Christian small group that is affiliated with the First Baptist Church in Amherst. We meet for worship, fellowship, and bible study. We also participate in community events with other FBC five college members such as Agape night (student led worship), social events, and retreats. We welcome everyone who is interested in joining and learning more about the Christian faith!

2023 - 2024 Contact: TBA


Hindu Student Organization

Contact: Kim Alston (

Interfaith Alliance

Contact: Matilda Cantwell

International Student Bible Study 

  • Wednesdays 7-8pm in CC 102
  • contact 

Black Campus Ministry Bible Study

  • Sundays 7-8:30pm in CC 204
  • contact 

Prayer Meeting 

  • Fridays 12:30 - 1:15 in the CC 204
  • contact 

Large Group Gatherings 

Sisters of the Yam

Sisters of the Yam is a closed space for black-identifying Smithies (those descending from the African diaspora). It was created by Fulani Oghoghome '17J, a student working on a project concerning themes around black womanhood, wellness, and vulnerability who saw a lack of spaces on campus for intentional reflection and healing at Smith. This space allows for writing, meditation, listening, self reflection and collective organizing to be done. Also events scheduled involving outside facilitation will be based in holistic and alternative healing and mental wellness.

Contact: Kim Alston (

Smith College Jewish Community (SCJC)

Smith College Jewish Community endeavors to address the needs of Jewish students on campus and to encourage a sense of community between them by being pluralistic, welcoming, and inclusive. It provides opportunities to explore and celebrate Judaism and Jewish culture, while enriching the lives of the Smith community. Smith College Jewish Community provides religious services, maintains a kosher kitchen, and sponsors educational events relating to Jewish issues.

Shabbat: 5:30 p.m. Fridays, Kosher Kitchen, Jordan House

Contacts for 2023-2024:

Co-Chairs: Miriam Abrams and Lux Onigman

Treasurer: Zoe Plumridge

Secretary: Lilian Olson

Secular Co-Chairs: Rachel Agosto-Ginsburg and Raia Gutman

Co-Historians: Amy Dorfman and Zephyr Steiner