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Smith Registration for Fellowships

Attention ! To Register to apply for a FULBRIGHT through Smith College, please start at

Most fellowship foundations require fellowship candidates to enter their competitions via their colleges or alma maters, which in turn sponsor the applicants. Smith offers a Fellowships Program to assist students and alumnae in applying.

Because Smith is charged with sponsoring only suitable candidates with a reasonable chance of success, and Smith's Fellowships Director is the campus representative of the foundations, aspiring applicants first apply to our Fellowships Program by completing a Smith Fellowships Program Registration form as a Word document and returning it as an email attachment to dandrew@smith.edu together with a Banner transcript and "fellowships" resume.

Students must use their Smith email addresses.

It is essential that you read the Registration Instructions before completing the Registration Form.

Click on the Resume and Transcript links to the right for instructions about submitting these.

Your suitability will be assessed from the program registration materials and, if accepted into our Fellowships Program for a particular fellowship or fellowships, you will be directed to application support guides and assigned to a mentor or mentors who will assist you with your application/s.

Do NOT log onto any foundation online application until instructed.