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Over the years, the Ada Comstock Scholars Program has assumed a position of national leadership, serving as a model for similar programs all over the country. This success is due to the creative and effective ways in which traditional student services have been modified and new ones have been designed to meet the particular needs of Ada Comstock Scholars.

Ada Comstock Admission Adviser

The Ada Comstock Admission Adviser guides prospective students through the admission process and serves as a resource for Ada students throughout their time at Smith.


The Orientation process for Ada Comstock Scholars begins with the April reception for newly admitted students, where faculty and administrators answer questions and students are introduced to one another.

Current Ada Comstock Scholars volunteer to be paired with entering students as peer advisers. During the summer, peer advisers contact new students, offering to help smooth the transition by answering questions and providing information.

Special orientation meetings for Ada Comstock Scholars provide important information about registration and campus life.

Academic and Career Advising

Before selecting a major, an Ada Comstock student is assigned a liberal arts adviser, someone who recognizes the difficulty of scheduling classes if nonacademic responsibilities need to be considered. Once a major is declared, students choose an adviser from within that academic department.

The Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning gives academic advice and support to all Smith students and offers special tutorials for Ada Comstock Scholars to review and strengthen their academic skills. In addition, workshops and tutorials are available for students with all levels of computer skills.

The Lazarus Center for Career Development provides many services, including individual counseling, workshops and recruiting opportunities. The staff, which serves all Smith students and alumnae throughout their lives, is committed to educating employers about the benefits of hiring women who have returned to school and will reenter the workforce with new skills.

The Office of the Class Deans oversees the progress and standing of all students. Andrea Rossi-Reder is the class dean of the Ada Comstock Scholars class.

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services facilitates equal access for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities to programs and activities at Smith College. The office helps arrange accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities.

Accommodations and services are determined on an individual basis and may include books on tape, sign language interpreters, dietary adjustments or extended time for testing. Smith’s strong institutional commitment to providing accommodations and services is balanced with a humanistic approach that enhances independence and recognizes the uniqueness of each Smith student.

Schacht Center for Health and Wellness

The Schacht Center for Health and Wellness offers accessible medical, counseling and wellness services to Smith’s diverse population.

Religious Life

The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life sponsors services, discussion groups, events and activities, offers counsel, and provides peaceful spaces for reflection and meditation.