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Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning


Courses in many departments, including economics, sociology, environmental studies and astronomy, regularly require students to analyze and draw conclusions from quantitative data. The Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning supports students doing quantitative work across the curriculum. We offer tutoring, workshops and class study sessions outside the regular classroom.

“Being a graduate of Smith College opened all the doors I wanted to open. This is about paying back.”
—Viola (Vi) Spinelli 47

About Our Name

The Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning takes its name from Viola (Vi) Spinelli ’47, whose generous gift makes its programs possible. Vi left a bequest to permanently endow the center.

For Vi, it was not only repaying a debt, it was also solving a problem. “I went on to Yale to get my graduate degree in public health,” Vi said. “I had to take statistics, and forget it! I couldn’t understand the concepts.” She completed her master’s degree and eventually ran a multi-million dollar business as a hospital vice-president. If she had struggled with numbers, Vi reasoned, surely others must have the same problem, and the Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning addresses that problem head on.


Math Success at Smith

Many career paths and majors involve mathematics and/or quantitative skills (even seemingly non-mathematical ones such as computer graphics animation, journalism, or environmental activism). Math, like any other skill, can be developed through practice just like a muscle. Regardless of your current comfort level in mathematics, you can develop an individualized training program to build those muscles, and ultimately achieve your career goals.



Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning

Seelye Hall 207
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3091

Director: Catherine McCune, Ph.D.
Admin. Asst.: Myssie Casinghino
Calculus Counselor: Se Ho Kwak
Data Counselor: Kenneth Jeong