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Frequently Asked Questions

Young woman writes in journal near Smith College fountain during women's writing summer program

Spending your summer at Smith is an exciting and rewarding time. We know there is a lot to plan and prepare as you think about applying to our programs and as you start to envision your life on campus. Have questions? We encourage you to get in touch!

Precollege Programs COVID-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 protocols are subject to change based on caseloads, research, current data, and government guidelines and recommendations. Smith will continue to examine and adjust protocols based on evolving information. While the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer required for community members, the college strongly recommends that all members of the community follow CDC COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, including being up to date with all COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. If you have questions, please visit the Schacht Center web page to learn more. Students who are immunocompromised and/or disabled are encouraged to visit the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to learn more about their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I decide to withdraw from the on-campus program?
If you withdraw from any of our programs you are not refunded the application fee or the enrollment deposit.

I live near Smith; may I commute?
Smith precollege programs are residential, and there are no commuters. Living away from home with your friends in the program is a great learning experience (plus a lot of fun).

Will I have a roommate?
Possibly. We have single and double rooms. If you need special accommodations you will be able to indicate that on an accepted student form after you have enrolled in the program.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, but not inside of the houses where you will live. This is subject to change given COVID safety protocol and the Culture of Care on campus. Houses are open only to Smith College precollege students and staff—no off-campus visitors are allowed under any circumstances. Information will be provided to accepted students prior to your arrival detailing the check-in and check-out protocols.

What if I miss home?
We expect some participants to feel homesick. When you arrive at Smith on that first Sunday, you’ll see that our staff is prepared to help you. We’ll greet you, assist you in settling into your room, give you a campus tour, sit with you during dinner and introduce you to new friends. The next morning, we will escort you to your first class, and you’ll be on your way. The Summer at Smith staff is here for you. Our professional and college student staff members know what it’s like to be away from home for the first time and are here to listen and support you through your journey in our program.

What’s the weather like in Northampton?
New England weather is unpredictable. We recommend that you bring clothes suitable for cool nights and hot days, and prepare for rain.

Can I receive mail while in the program?
Yes. It will be delivered to the houses as we receive it. Precollege Programs is not responsible for any lost mail nor the tracking of mail. We will not assist in sending mail or returning packages. Please keep in mind that all mail is delivered first to a central processing center, which adds an extra few days to your expected delivery time.

People may send mail to:
Student's Name
Smith Precollege Program / "Program Name" (i.e SSEP or WGR)
100 Elm St.
Northampton, MA 01063 (edited)