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Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program

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The Fellowships & Postgraduate Scholarships Program advises Smith students and recent alums who wish to apply for national and international fellowships and scholarships. Our approach—informing, advising, encouraging and working with candidates and their mentors—facilitates your planning of the important next stages in your education, career and life. We seek to enable students and alums to imagine and create pathways that fulfill their passions; fit their educational, career and life goals; and further Smith’s mission of developing engaged global citizens and leaders to address society’s challenges.

Are you a potential applicant? Aspire to pursue the fellowships and scholarships that fit you. Collaborate around the opportunities that suit you and then apply!


Carnegie Endowment Gaither Junior Fellowship-Apply for Smith Nomination Now!

Application details. Note deadline is Dec. 19th.

Two recent Gaither Junior Fellows, Khulood Fahim '19, a GOV and comparative literature double major and 2019-2020 Junior Fellow with the Middle East Program, and Amy Qingyi Xie '18, an ECO and GOV double major and 2018-2019 Junior Fellow with the Asia Program, are happy to talk with Smithies who are interested in applying to the program. Email Dr. Lamb ( for an introduction.

Consider Which Fellowships Might Suit You

Fellowship foundations seek candidates with a variety of outstanding qualities. Learning what these are before it is time to apply will give you time to develop them. Take a look at our suggestions for getting started and consider the experiences and characteristics that fellowship programs seek.

Beinecke Scholarship-Apply for Smith College Nomination

Application deadline December 13th.

The Beinecke Scholarship is a $34,000 award to college juniors that would support graduate school in the US or abroad. The award would need to be used within five years. An award can be used in combination with other awards.

Further details.

Udall Scholarship-Apply for Smith College Nomination

Internal application deadline January 5th.

Do you plan a career focused on the environment or Native American health care or public policy? Are you sophomore or junior? Are you a US citizen or permanent resident? Apply for the Udall Scholarship!

Further details.

The Fellowships Process

Step 1: Consider Fellowships

You’re ready to explore the options and understand requirements.

  • Express interest.
  • Get feedback on preparedness.
  • Build credentials & experience.
  • Make connections with faculty, mentors & advisers.


Step 2: Select Fellowships

You have decided to go for it! It’s time to focus.

  • Refine choices.
  • Identify relevant programs and explore locations.
  • Reflect on credentials & experience.
  • Consult advisers & start planning.

Step 3: Apply

You’re an active fellowships candidate. What next?

  • Understand requirements & selection criteria in detail.
  • Gather information & draft key parts of application.
  • Talk with advisers & request letters of recommendation.
  • Refine, review & submit!


Fellowships Program

Smith College
Drew Hall
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-2582

Fellowships Director: Margaret Lamb
Fellowships Asst. Dir.: Andrew Dausch