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Use of the Smith College Conference Center by Smith Departments

Since the transition from the Smith College Club to the Smith College Conference Center was completed, the center has, by policy, charged a rental fee to all clients. Both college (departmental) clients and external clients (e.g. weddings, corporate retreats) were assessed a rental fee.

As the college approaches the renovation of Neilson Library, the center will move to a new fee model that recognizes the need of college departments for administrative function spaces to offset those that will go offline during the Neilson Library renovation.

In parallel, the center will continue to be marketed externally and used for revenue-generating events that support the college’s core operations.

The following policy is in now effect for use of the center for Smith business.

Internal departments will not be charged a rental fee to use the Conference Center under the following conditions:

  1. The event must take place on a regular administrative work day (M-F, excluding holidays).

  2. The event (and its setup/takedown) must begin no earlier than 10 a.m. and end no later than 3 p.m.

  3. The event organizer must first exhaust all other suitable locations for the event (the Conference Center should be a space of last - not first - resort).

  4. Based on historical use, the Events Management Office must have no reasonable expectation that a revenue-generating client will request the same booking slot.

  5. The event organizer must accept that the center is being offered without an onsite manager. ETS, dining services and facilities management should, if needed, be contacted for support. Events management staff will not be on site.

If the above conditions are not met for any internal event, the department/office will be billed under the current fee schedule for the use of the center. This includes space rental fees assessed to college departments for night and weekend events (space and administrative fees, department support from catering, ETS, etc.).

Clients who have questions about how the new fee schedule applies to an upcoming reservation are invited to call the Events Management Office at 585-2669.

Members of the Smith community may use campus spaces for private or personal events such as parties, wedding showers and meetings. Fees may apply and insurance may be required.

Contact the Events Management Office when you are planning a large internal event, conference or reception; when sponsoring an event with an external organization; or when contacted by an external organization about planning an event.

See our Spaces page to view a list of reservable spaces for your type of event.

Request a Space

The first step in planning an event is to request a space using 25Live (see below for instructions). You will need to provide an accurate date and time and specify a location in order to secure your request.

Request Resources and Services

You may request services such as technical equipment, tables and chairs and publicity using the "Resources" tab in 25Live. You may request these services at the time of the space request or later; however, all services must be requested at least six days before the event.

If your event is in the Campus Center, use the "Campus Center Spaces ONLY" category to select your equipment.


Food is allowed only in the rooms listed under “Meals” in the Reservable Rooms on Campus section. You may hire an outside vendor, bring in your own food or use Smith College Catering services. All requests for Smith catering should be made directly through Smith's catering office.

When hiring an outside caterer, review your contract, which should cover all details, including fees, staff, taxes, gratuities, insurance, extra charges, payment schedule and cancellation policy. We have provided a list of local caterers who have worked both with Smith and external clients on the Smith campus; however, you may select a vendor not on this list.

If food is provided, you must provide signage Including:
"This food was home-prepared by ______." (e.g. swim team, supporters, etc.)
"These food items contain ____." (list particularly potential allergents, such as nuts) 
"This is a fund raiser for ________." (e.g., swim team)
"Procees will go directly to the ______(e.g. swim team). 

You and your caterer are responsible for cleaning up after your event.

Creating Name Tags

Use bold, sans serif fonts in a large type size so that name tags can be read from at least 12 feet away. Name tags with the Smith College logo are $0.40 per sheet (6 tags per sheet) and can be ordered through College Relations. Contact Pat Wheeler (ext. 2172) with the number of sheets required, the campus address of the requester, the date needed and your department account number.


Fundraising Events

External organizations can rent most Smith College facilities (excluding the Field House and Poetry Center) for fundraising events, subject to rental, service and administrative fees and insurance requirements. All such events must be cleared through the Events Management Office. Permission to use Smith facilities does not imply any endorsement of an event or organization; if an organization seeks official Smith participation in an event, the EMO must coordinate and approve requests with senior representatives of the college.

The EMO must review and approve all event publicity to ensure that Smith's name is included for location purposes only and the college cannot be misconstrued as a sponsor. For political events, please review the Smith College Political and Campaign Activities Policy

Request Publicity

Smith Publications

Information you would like to have listed on the Smith, Five College and local media calendars should be submitted through 25Live. Click for information about submission procedures.

To discuss a story of interest to the Smith community, contact Barbara Solow (at least two weeks in advance of an event) at 413-585-2171 or If your event warrants some feature treatment off campus, contact Stacey Schmeidel, media relations director, 413-595-2191 or at least one month in advance to discuss other types of promotion that may be appropriate.

Grécourt Gate

The Grécourt Gate is a site produced by college relations featuring articles about Smith College and its people, their achievements, interesting projects, research and events. Selected content will be included in eDigest distributions.


A list of notices, events, announcements and exhibitions is distributed every Tuesday and Thursday during the academic year (every Tuesday in the summer) to all Smith e-mail accounts and posted at

Local Media Calendars

To have your event information sent to local media calendars, go to the Resources section of your event, choose the "Publicity" category and select "Publicity–Local Media Calendars." This should be done at least three weeks in advance to accommodate varying deadline schedules.

The Smith College News Office also distributes information to more than 30 local and regional media calendars, such as those printed in The Valley Advocate, Hampshire Life and Five College student newspapers, and those aired on radio stations WFCR and WAMC, and television channels 22 and 40.

Poster Distribution

Posters are distributed through campus mail by Copy and Print Services to liaisons at various Smith departments (28), who are then responsible for hanging new posters and keeping the kiosks up-to-date. They also send posters to student affairs for posting in student houses (50). There is no charge for this poster distribution; print charges will apply.