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There are limited discretionary funds available for international student emergencies and expenses. Please do not count on these funds to pay for books every semester, or to fund routine travel.

Types of Funding

Textbook Funding

The ISSO Library at the Lewis Global Studies Center has a collection of textbooks that are free for you to take. Feel free to take whatever you need, and we also welcome donations of used books that you don’t need anymore.

If we do not have the book you need, and if you need assistance paying for your textbooks, please fill out the following application no later than the end of the fourth full week of classes. Please note, the ISSO will only fund the least expensive book options, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Make sure to check online vendors for used and rental copies. Textbook funding is available once per academic year, and we ask aided student to pay the first $50 of their textbook costs, and non-aided students to pay the first $100 of their textbook costs, unless extenuating circumstance exist. We will then assist with funding for the remaining amount. 

Please apply for ISSO textbook assistance using the centralized Academic Funding Application now located on the Smith Social Network. Please note that you must be signed in to access the form.

Academic Funding Application

Emergency Funding

For ISSO emergency assistance, including medical bills, winter clothing, emergency travel or other unforeseen expenses, please fill out the centralized Emergency Funding Application now located on the Smith Social Network. Please note that you must be signed in to access the form.

Emergency Funding Application

Winter Clothing

Each fall, the office holds a Winter Clothes Closet, collected from donations from older students and campus community members. All articles of clothing available there are free of charge. If you are unable to find what you need at the Winter Clothes Closet and need assistance purchasing items, you may apply for assistance using the Emergency Funding Application. We have also compiled a list of helpful tips and resources to help you stay warm through the harsh winters: 

Winter Clothing Resources & Tips

Other Campus Discretionary Funds

All other available discretionary funds, as well as links to the necessary forms, are available on the Funding for Students page maintained by the Dean of the College. International students should be prepared to be redirected back to the International Students’ Fund in some instances.

Contact International Students and Scholars

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Open office hours: Schedule a meeting with Dean Caitlin or with Claire Seely when it’s convenient for you!