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Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research enables data-informed decision-making. Through a program of survey research, assessment support and analytic infrastructure development, we provide consistent, reliable and accessible information about Smith. We strive to do this in a way that honors Smith’s identity, that supports and enhances faculty governance and that enables campus stakeholders to communicate, track and measure their success.

About Our Work

We provide access to timely, accurate and action-oriented information through a comprehensive program of primary data collection and maintenance of analytical data sets on key curricular, demographic and outcome measures selected by senior administrators.

Institutional research supports administration and faculty in designing and budgeting assessment projects, providing technical assistance and full implementation services to execute institutional-level assessment projects. We offer an assessment and measurement perspective in planning throughout the institution and collaborate with faculty and staff at all levels to design efficient, sustainable assessment approaches that provide effective information for decisions.

Learn more about our type of wor k, from the Association for Institutional Research's definition of Duties and Functions of Institutional Research.

Read our published peer reviewed work on our Google Scholar Page.

We follow the Association for Institutional Research’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice guidelines.

Our Staff

Cate Rowen

Associate Vice President for Analytics & Institutional Research

Cate Rowen

Minh Ly

Associate Director for Assessment

Minh Ly

Smith Data Resources

IPEDS Data Compiler

Access longitudinal national higher education data files for custom groups of institutions.

Common Data Set Initiative

Learn about this collaborative effort among higher education institutions to improve the quality and accuracy of information.

Contact Institutional Research

200 Stoddard Annex

23 Elm Street

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063