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“Most of us see a picture of innocence and helplessness: a clean slate. But, in fact, what we see in the crib is the greatest mind that has ever existed, the most powerful learning machine in the universe.”
The Scientist in the Crib, Gopnik, Meltzoff & Kuhl, 1999
Young child making bubbles

There are three adjoining mixed-age toddler classrooms and one infant room, each taught by a team of teachers. The regular staff includes a supervising teacher and two teachers. Student workers, rotating teachers and studio teachers support the teaching teams. To the greatest extent possible, children remain with a familiar teacher for the years they are in the infant/toddler program. 

The teachers strive to create and sustain a caring and respectful community that supports the growth and development of each child. The children and teachers come together in small and large groups in the common spaces and plan opportunities for interaction with other classrooms.

Each classroom has access to the playground and children play outside every day except in severe weather. The daily routine includes lunch, which children bring from home, a nap/rest time and a nutritious snack mid-morning and late afternoon. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the program.

A visual arts studio, the mini-studio and a music studio are available to the children in the infant/toddler program.

Infant or toddler tuition is determined by the age at the start of the program (academic year or summer); for example, toddler tuition applies for the summer following an infant year if fewer than 15 months old at the start of summer program.

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Small child arranging colored paper pieces