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The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves as a central point of information and coordination to ensure equal access and full participation for students with disabilities in all programs and activities at Smith College. Employee accommodations are coordinated by Human Resources.

Principles of Universal Design and Disability Justice guide us in our work as we strive to proactively identify and remove barriers to participation wherever possible. We also strive to promote a disability-positive and inclusive climate at Smith; such a climate recognizes each person's multiple identities and values all diverse perspectives which contribute to a rich living and learning environment. Smith's commitment to providing support and services is balanced with a humanistic and developmental approach that requires student engagement and responsibility in the accommodation process.

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Office Announcements

Welcome Incoming Undergrads!

Newly admitted students may register with our office through Workday. Please see our instructions for registering: Submit Disability Identification Request  
Difficulties registering? Please email
After submitting your form, please email for an appointment.

Click here for information on how to access your accommodation letter.

Our Staff

Students, staff, faculty, and visitors to Smith who have a disability or might be experiencing difficulties related to a disabling condition may contact the Office of Disability Services to set up a meeting or be redirected to the appropriate office. 

Appointments are highly recommended, as our staff are not generally available right away other than during designated open hours. For current open hour schedules, please view the scheduler links below or contact the office. You are also welcome to email us directly if times in the scheduler links do not work for you. 

EJ Seibert

Associate Director
Phone: 413-585-2071
Fax: 413-585-4498 

Lisa Page

Accommodations Coordinator
Phone: 413-585-2071
Fax: 413-585-4498

Jeannette Landrie

Coordinator for Academic Access 


Contact Disability Services

College Hall 104
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
413-585-2071 or “disability services” in Gmail

All communication with ODS is confidential.

Summer Hours - our office is open 8:00-4:00, Monday-Friday
You may feel free to call or email for an appointment. 

Parking and Ramps
Accessible parking and a ramp with power-assist door are located at the rear of College Hall.