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Smith College allows a variety of styles in its photography, but the photos need a certain feel—warm, authentic and human. This is best achieved by photographing students as they are in the places they live, work and study. Photos that show true personality, whether serious or carefree, are preferred. Always look for authentic expressions of joy.

Guidelines & Usage

For more details on campus photography, the preferred styles and what to avoid, check out the brand guidelines.

The college maintains a small library of images for public access. These images have rights clearance and are available for use.

In addition, a larger private archive is available for Smith College use. Offices and departments should contact to request access to that archive.

Photography Services

College Relations photographs activities that promote and enhance the reputation of the college among key constituencies, including prospective students, alumnae and the general public, or that highlight the accomplishments of the Smith community.

The college does not have a designated staff photographer. The budgets for major events such as Commencement, a presidential inauguration or the visit of a head of state include funding for professional photo coverage.

For other activities, College Relations determines on a case-by-case basis the extent to which we can respond to requests for services, particularly for evening and weekend commitments.

Decisions are based on:

  • Impact and interest: Is the event of broad interest? Does it have news value?
  • Applications and outlets: Will the event yield images with multiple applications in print or online publications? Will the photographs serve multiple offices and needs?

Freelance Referrals

The publications office is in frequent contact with freelance photographers. For events at which we are not providing photo coverage, we will be glad to share the names and rate schedules of professionals who might be able to meet your needs.

For more information, contact the college relations office.