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Women's Education Worldwide Faculty Conference May 31-June 3, 2011
Women's Education Worldwide Faculty Conference May 31-June 3, 2011

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Women's Education WorldWide Faculty Teaching Conference: Teaching GLobally

May 31–June 3, 2011

Exploring issues and exchanging ideas and information among faculty and institutions participating in the Women's Education Worldwide® project.

Northampton & South Hadley, MA

Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges

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The following files and Web links give access to information about the 2011 WEW Faculty Conference. Click a link below to visit a site or download a file.

Photos of the conference (Web link):

Directory of Participants (PDF download):

Proceedings (PDF download):

Women's Education Worldwide: The Unfinished Agenda
Speech by Joanne V. Creighton (PDF download):

Keynote: Addressing Cultural Competence and Context in Delivering
Women's Education Worldwide

Speech by Lynn Pasquerella (PDF download):

About WEW:

Women's Education Worldwide ® (WEW) is a new organization bringing together the presidents and chief academic officers of women's colleges and universities from around the world and other leaders in women's education. The mission of WEW is to share best practices, to collect and disseminate data about women's colleges, to foster exchange among our institutions, and to advocate for women's education worldwide.

This international initiative was founded in 2003 by Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, two of the original "Seven Sisters" of U.S. higher education -- a group that itself has long benefitted from collaboration at the national level.

The goal of the conference is to enhance faculty exchanges across the member institutions of Women's Education Worldwide. We hope that the opportunity for our faculty members to exchange ideas with one another at the conference will result in new creative approaches to shared teaching and research. We believe this will enhance global and international components of the curriculum at our colleges with benefits for our students and faculty alike.

June 14, 2011. Thank you to all the wonderful delegates who travelled far and wide to attend our conference. Thank you also to all the great faculty, staff and students from Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges whose hard work made it all happen. Special thanks also go to Kathleen Ridder and Nancy Nordhoff. To view photos from the conference, please go to: