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October 26–27, 2007

"Art of the Matter: Doing Technical Art History"

Friday, October 26, 4:30pm, Weinstein Auditorium
Keynote address by David Bomford, associate director for collections, J. Paul Getty Museum (formerly Senior Restorer, The National Gallery, London)

Saturday, October 27, 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Weinstein Auditorium
Eight invited speakers, two panel discussions and final summary. Posters and demonstrations of historical techniques and materials will be on view throughout the day.

March 31, 2006

14th Annual Kathleen Ridder Conference: "Ordinary People: Extraordinary Courage and Hope"

Honoring Mickey Glazer's 41 years of teaching at Smith College

February 7 & 8, 2003

Women of Courage: Whistleblowers in the Public Interest

September 22 & 23, 2000

Agents of Social Change: Celebrating Women's Progressive Activism Across the 20th Century

July 7–10, 1999

Ainsworth Conference on Physical Education and Sport in a Global Context

Sponsored by the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women