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Stephanie Shafran ’72

Alumnae Poet

Stephanie Shafran ’72

Stephanie Shafran’s recent writing appears in literary journals such as Earth’s Daughters, Persimmon Tree, and Silkworm. Her chapbook Awakening was released in 2020, and her work can be found in the anthology, A 21st Century Plague: Pandemic Poetry. She resides in Northampton, Massachusetts; more at

Select Poems

You will love again the stranger
who was yourself

Derek Walcott, Love after Love


The Green Goddess of Yelapa whispers
a caress across my cheek.

Tucked into child’s pose on this red tiled rooftop
I greet the sun at dawn.

Unexpected tears
fall to the serape cradling my face.

This secret long forgotten,
My body remembers.

—originally published in Awakening

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