12 Ways to Use Smith Resources and Connections After You Graduate

What you can do RIGHT NOW:

Ally Einbinder '10

Ally Einbinder ’10

1. Use the online Smith Alumnae Directory as a tool for networking. Smith juniors and seniors now have access to the Alumnae Directory on the AASC web site. Use the directory as a search engine to look up alumnae by location, major, and current occupation (an interesting way to see how much their Smith major relates—or not—to what they do now!)

2. Ask for letters of recommendation, even if you are unsure about grad school. The Lazarus Center for Career Development maintains reference files for up to five years via a service called Interfolio. Even if you’re unsure about your plans after Smith, ask professors to write a generic reference letter and store it in your Interfolio account for safekeeping. That way, professors can write on your behalf while you’re still fresh in their minds. And you’ll have quick and easy access to the reference whenever you need it.

3. Apply for an Alumnae Scholarship. Smith seniors planning to pursue full-time graduate study are eligible to apply for an Alumnae Scholarship. Awards are based on merit within the department of one’s major. An application form is available on the Class Deans’ web site.

What you can do immediately AFTER graduating:

commencement_diploma4. Let Smith know where you land. Let Smith know where you are and what you’re doing by keeping your online directory profile up to date and sending status updates to the Smith Alumnae Quarterly. You never know when Smith, another alumna or a student might want to find you.

5. Find your local club. Connect with other Smith alumnae in your area by becoming a member of the local alumnae club. Check out the Club Directory on the AASC web site to find the club nearest you, or send email for contact information.

6. Take advantage of the benefits and special offers available to you. The AASC offers a variety of benefits to Smith alumnae and their families, such as discounts on insurance policies, the opportunity to audit courses (for a small fee), and use of campus facilities—including the gym, libraries, and art museum.

7. Use the Lazarus Center and other career-related services offered through AASC. Check out the “For Alumnae” page on the Lazarus Center web site to learn about resources and workshops specifically designed for alumnae. The AASC also offers a variety of career-related services, including both on- and off-campus events, as well as alumnae-led webinars on topics such as “Embracing Change” and “How to Write a Business Plan.”

8. Stay connected to Smith by volunteering your time and talent. Visit the Smith web site to see a list of ways you can stay connected to Smith through a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Volunteering could be a more informal, short-term commitment, like organizing an event for your local club; or taking on a more official, long-term position, like becoming a recruiter for the Alumnae Admission Program.

What you can do LATER:

9. Come back for reunion. Reconnect with old friends and classmates by coming back to Smith for reunion. Reunion dates are posted on the AASC web site more than a year in advance, so mark your calendars and plan early.

10. Apply for an Alumnae Scholarship or another prize. You don’t need to be a Smith senior to apply for a Class Deans Alumnae Scholarship. Alumnae of any class year beginning their first year of graduate study are also eligible to apply. Other prizes Smith offers to alumnae are the Barbara Jordan Prize and the David Burres Memorial Law prize, both awarded to Smith alumnae pursuing graduate study in law. Visit the AASC web site for further details.

11. Nominate an alumna. Recognize and honor distinguished Smith alumnae by nominating them (or yourself!) for any of the following: Smith College Medal, AASC Board of Directors, Classes Committee, Notable Alumnae, AASC Club Volunteer Award, and AASC Class Volunteer Award.

12. Get in the habit of annual giving. Whether it’s $5, $500 or $5,000, giving an annual gift to the college is perhaps the easiest and most impactful way to support the education and experience of future Smith students. Think of your yearly donation as giving a “birthday present” to Smith, or like casting a vote in an annual election. Just in the way that every vote counts in an election, so does each dollar given to the college.