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Macleish Field Station

The Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station is a 240-acre patchwork of forest and farmland located in West Whately, MA that provides opportunities for faculty and students to pursue environmental research, outdoor education, and low-impact recreation. Reid Bertone-Johnson serves as the Field Station Manager and five faculty and staff sit on the field station's Advisory Board.

Many Smith students are engaged in the development of MacLeish Field Station as a resource for the entire Smith College community. In the fall of 2008, students began making design and management suggestions for the field station that would guide its development into a uniquely "liberal arts" field station. Students from landscape studies, architecture, and engineering have completed designs for recreational trails, interpretive signage, a solar-powered electric fence, and a pavilion. Students have also worked with CEEDS staff and associated faculty to implement these designs and develop a vision for the field station as a whole. Students also served on the Architect Selection Committee and Programming Committee for the new Bechtel Environmental Classroom (BEC), which opened in Fall 2012.

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