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Sculpture studio in Hillyer Hall

The Sculpture Studio in Hillyer L04 is an open plan classroom that can be reconfigured each semester or whenever anything unusual needs to be done. Students choose a sturdy work table that is theirs for the semester and functions as a work table as well as storage location for her tools, materials, and artwork.

Sculpture I consists of work with clay modeling of natural forms as well as student created forms. Plaster is also used as mold-making and casting material. Sculpture II involves work in carving plaster, welded steel, cast bronze and direct building in plaster.

Equipment in the Sculpture Studio

  • Modeling stands for work with clay and/or plaster or other
  • Ceramics kiln for firing dry clay sculptures
  • Five oxy-acetylene welding stations
  • TIG welder
  • Bench grinder
  • Plasma cutter
  • Assorted hand tools for clay, metal, and woodworking
  • Plaster use capability, including rinse barrel and assorted containers for mixing, etc.
  • Bead blaster for cleaning (clay and casting slip are provided)
  • Large floor-mounted bandsaw
  • Bronze melting and casting facility

Student Work in Sculpture