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Sustainable Futures

Two students in the Summer Precollege Sustainable Futures program

How do activists, organizers, change agents and everyday individuals who value the health of environmental systems maintain their work? It can be difficult enough to sustain positivity in so-called normal times, let alone during a global pandemic, during politically turbulent times, and during frequent reminders of a climate crisis. Join like-minded individuals who believe in the possibility of positive change and want to come together to shape a different tomorrow.


Program at a Glance



July 23–August 5, 2023


Tuition: $4,630
Deposit: $925

You’ll Gain

  • Hands-on fieldwork
  • Ideas to implement in your community
  • A network of students and educators who are environmentalists like you

Program Details

2023 Sustainable Futures Tuition

Tuition: $4,630 | Deposit: $925

Deposit due within two weeks of acceptance.

To learn more, see the Apply to Summer Programs page.


Learn from farmers, activists, artists and naturalists in this two-week residential program. Get ready to analyze what contributed to the global climate crisis, engage in socially and environmentally focused work and develop skills to cultivate a healthier human-nature relationship. You will be inspired and educated to act within your own community toward a sustainable future.


Join a small community of students who are interested in moving beyond “green” toward understanding what will be necessary to achieve a truly sustainable future.

Learning and living together with a group of equally concerned and engaged people, you will explore how Smith College and its neighboring communities are practicing the ideals and principles of sustainability. We’ll talk about what is working and what still needs to be done.

As a participant, you will learn about sustainable living and environmental science and policy through a hands-on, interactive, project-based approach.

Much of the program is conducted in the field, and you will engage in a variety of activities as you hike the forests of western Massachusetts, traverse various elements of a sustainably built challenge course, visit local farms and renewable energy facilities, and tour buildings constructed to conform to the highest environmental standards.

Applicants should be able to participate in moderate hikes, engage in field trips and spend a full day outdoors.