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Tibetan Studies in India Program

Students on a lawn in India

Letters of Recommendation


The deadline to submit a letter of recommendation is Thursday, October 12, 2023, by 4:00 p.m.  Applications that are incomplete at that time cannot be considered.


The Tibetan Studies in India Program is seeking applicants with relevant academic interests (interpreted broadly), good interpersonal skills, maturity, cultural sensitivity and the motivation needed to succeed in an academically intensive, culturally and physically challenging environment. The Tibetan Studies in India Program is tremendously rewarding, and can be life changing. Nonetheless, it is physically, emotionally and academically challenging. It is very important to the program and to the students we accept that we select students who are appropriately motivated and who are prepared for this kind of academically rigorous cross-cultural experience.

Please be completely candid with us. We are searching for applicants who will thrive in this environment and if you have any reservations about the applicant's capacity to do so, please express them. A poor fit benefits neither the applicant nor the program.

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