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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of August 5, 2020,
for an entirely remote fall 2020 semester.

About the Center

Lewis Global Studies Center

Talented young women are increasingly recognized around the globe as the hope of their nations, organizations and families. Smith College has embarked on a defining initiative: to educate women who will transform their communities and change our world. From day one on campus, students engage with international and intercultural issues. In collaboration with faculty advisers, students design a program of in-class and out-of-class global leadership experiences.

Mission Statement

The Lewis Global Studies Center integrates, enriches and promotes opportunities for the critical study of global issues in order to advance the college’s mission to prepare women for global citizenship and leadership. We engage Smith students, faculty and staff in international and intercultural studies and cultivate an understanding of the global context of a Smith education.

Who We Are

Rosetta Marantz Cohen

Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard 1969 Faculty Director of the Lewis Global Studies Center
Myra M. Sampson Professor of Education & Child Study

Rebecca Hovey

Director of the Lewis Global Studies Center
Dean for International Study

Caitlin Szymkowicz

Associate Dean of International Students & Scholars

Lisa Johnson

Assistant Dean for International Study

Nathan Hammond

Student Enrollment and Program Manager

Laura Gomez

Administrative Coordinator

Susan Pouliot

Budget and Enrollment Coordinator

Meet the Lewis Global Studies Center Student Workers

Hannah Kelsey ’20

Hannah Kelsey ’20

Hannah grew up with an exposure to international experiences through hosting international students and family members living and working abroad. During her junior year she studied abroad at DIS Copenhagen, where she enjoyed exploring Denmark, visiting other European countries and spending time with her host family. She hopes to have many more international experiences and wants to help other Smith students take advantage of all that the LGSC has to offer!


Monalisa Munia ’22

Monalisa is an international student from Bangladesh. She is a sophomore who expects to major in chemistry. She also hopes to spend her junior year abroad in Paris to broaden her international experiences during her time at Smith. Fun fact: Her involvement with the French language began when she started listening to a French band called Odezenne, and she desperately wanted to know what they were singing about instead of deciphering highly inaccurate Google translated lyrics. Monalisa wants to help other Smithies have their best international experience and is excited to be part of the Lewis Global Studies Center’s mission!


Bella Zhou ’22

Bella is an international student from China. She is currently a sophomore with an economics major and intended film and media studies minor. During spare time, she likes to cook, travel, and watch dramas and movies. She spent her last summer studying abroad in South Korea at Ewha Womans University, where she has gained new, challenging experiences through academic courses and by exploring the city and its cultures. In her junior year, Bella hopes to continue her economics studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as have a new opportunity to embrace a whole new environment. Working at Lewis Global Studies Center as an office assistant, Bella is glad to help students with general questions and organize office events.


Lika Mikhelashvili ’23

Lika Mikhelashvili ’23

Lika is an international student from Georgia. She is a first-year student, undeclared but hopefully an economics major. She loves traveling and learning about new cultures, especially eastern Asia. Japan is her dream destination! Lika wants to do Junior Year Abroad in the United Kingdom at the London School of Economics. As a social media and communications student worker at the Lewis Global Studies Center, Lika is excited to broadcast all the exciting events that are going on at the center.

Global Leaders-in-Residence Program

The Global Leaders-in-Residence program brings distinguished international leaders to campus to interact with students and faculty members. Leaders are drawn from diverse fields such as diplomacy, business, government, philanthropy, the arts, journalism, science, medicine, engineering, and education. Visiting scholars and speakers are also invited to campus for shorter residency programs. The center provides a venue for students to interact with these renowned guests in formal and informal ways.

Visiting Scholars Program

Smith College's Visiting Scholars Program serves to enrich campus intellectual activities, nurture the college's commitment to cultural diversity and further its goal of being a world college.