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About the Center

Our Approach

We work with community partners to critically engage with theories, data and experiences to improve interdependent aspects of community health.

We initiate, encourage, support, test and reflect on collaborative strategies and projects.

Exterior photo of Wright Hall, Smith College

Named in memory of Jane Grossman Cecil ’50, the Jandon Center fosters opportunities for Smith students to engage actively with the community and practice responsible citizenship. Along with her husband and lifelong partner, Don, Jane was a leading philanthropist, co-founder of the Jandon Foundation (Jane + Don = Jandon), and a tireless advocate for education and champion of programs for meaningful change.


Denys Candy

Director of the Jandon Center

Nancy Zigler

Assistant Director of the Jandon Center

Deborah A. Day

STEAM Outreach Coordinator

Erin DeCou

Co-Coordinator Urban Education

Jo Glading-DiLorenzo

Co-Coordinator Urban Education and Director of Project Coach

Xianxiu Xie


Nancy Caldwell

Administrative Assistant

Jandon Center Advisory Committee

Denys Candy

Director of the Jandon Center

Elisabeth Armstrong

Professor of the Study of Women & Gender; Chair of CESC Concentration

Ginetta Candelario

Professor of Sociology and of Latin American & Latino/a Studies

Joanne Corbin

Professor and Co-Director of the Ph.D. Program, Smith College School for Social Work

Velma García

Professor of Government

Deborah Day

STEAM Outreach Coordinator

Susannah Howe

Design Clinic Director, Senior Lecturer of Engineering

Sam Intrator

Professor of Education & Child Study
Faculty Director of the Smith College Campus School

Ellen Kaplan

Professor of Theatre

Lucy Mule

Associate Professor of Education & Child Study

Marsha Kline Pruett

Maconda Brown O'Connor Professor,
Smith College School for Social Work

Byron Zamboanga

Professor of Psychology

Making a Difference in the Community