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Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching & Learning

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At the Jacobson Center, we believe that all students, at all levels of expertise, can improve their writing and learning skills. To that end, we offer writing services and resources, public speaking resources, and tutoring and learning specialist services. For faculty, we offer workshops on the teaching of writing, a Mid-Semester Assessment Program, individual consultation and an array of additional resources.


Study Skills Workshop: Time Management

Time management is crucial for success in a rigorous academic environment. But how is it done? This workshop, led by Learning Specialist Duncan Griffin (Jacobson Center, ODS), will provide resources and strategies for effective time management. Open to all students. Questions? Email

Study Skills Workshop: Writing Anxiety

Do you feel anxious about academic writing? Has writing anxiety ever stopped you from getting started? Could you use some strategies to manage that anxiety so you can finally write that big paper? This workshop, led by Sara Eddy (Assistant Director, Jacobson Center), EJ Seibert (Associate Director, ODS), and Duncan Griffin (Learning Specialist), will provide resources and strategies for working through writing anxiety. Open to all students. Questions? Email

Jacobson Center Telegram

Issued in early fall and maybe in the winter, too, the Jacobson Center newsletter is aimed at the entire college community of staff, faculty, and students.  Its aim is to update the community on the accomplishments of the Jacobson Center staff, to notify it about upcoming events, to offer news specifically for faculty, and to feature a short perspective on writing or the work of the center. Read the Winter 2023 issue here.

The Jacobson Center Tutorial

Learn about the center’s services and how to schedule an appointment by watching our online scheduling tutorial.

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Smith Public Voices

Smith Student Writing in the Mainstream Press

Smith Public Voices spotlights the writing of Smith students published in the mainstream press. In an era of rampant, fractured, uninformed public discourse, and of concerted, systematic repression of many voices, this website, sponsored by the Jacobson Center, aims to strengthen the democratic process by showcasing well-informed, fact-based public pieces written by people whose voices are often silenced and marginalized: young people, women, people of color, non-binary and trans people.



Smith Writes

An Interdisciplinary Student Journal

Smith Writes is an interdisciplinary, multi-genre journal featuring the work of first-year Smith College students in writing-intensive courses. It is edited and produced by students and staff at the Jacobson Center, with the purpose of providing a public space for the best, most engaging writing produced by early-career students. Smith Writes accepts nonfiction in any genre or area of study produced by first-year students in writing-intensive courses at Smith. We are especially interested in work that demonstrates an awareness of readers beyond the gates of Smith and that employs an arresting authorial voice.


Of Note

Public Writing Projects from the Classroom Curated by the Jacobson Center

College classrooms are a hotbed of intellectual deliberation and growth, much of which happens via writing. Traditionally, however, college writing has been treated as a silent transaction between students and professors. We aim to change that. Of Note is a curated collection of blog site projects created by students and faculty at Smith College. It is both a living archive and pedagogical document of how technology can promote a more public, engaging, and collaborative classroom.

An Introduction to the Jacobson Center

Writing Instructor Peter Sapira provides a video tutorial overview of the services offered by the Jacobson Center, including Writing Counseling, Foreign Language Tutoring, Public Speaking, Learning Specialist Services, and Student Writing Publications.


Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning

Seelye Hall 307
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3056

Hours: Monday through Friday,
8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Sunday through Thursday,
7–10 p.m.

Administrative Assistant:
Cora Lee Drew