Marc Lendler

Professor Emeritus of Government

Smith College

Contact & Office Hours

Fall 2021


10 Prospect Street #207



Ph.D., Yale University

B.A., Antioch College


Marc Lendler teaches American government, including courses on the presidency, elections and the First Amendment. His most recent book, Gitlow v. New York: Every Idea an Incitement, is about one of the landmark First Amendment cases.

Selected Publications

Gitlow v. New York: Every Idea an Incitement. University of Kansas Press, 2012.

Crisis and Political Beliefs: The Case of the Colt Firearms Strike. Yale University Press, 1997.


The Bill Clinton Years

Professor of Government Marc Lendler started teaching his colloquium The Clinton Years almost as soon as Bill Clinton left the presidency. At first it was an experiment in assessing a presidency immediately after it ended, he says, "before mainstream interpretations got locked in." He did a similar examination with a course covering the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency. He plans to teach The Clinton Years once more before he replaces it with a course on the Barack Obama years.

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