Casey Bohlen

Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor in History and Public Discourse


Contact & Office Hours

Spring 2023

Pierce Hall 304

Wednesdays 1–3 p.m.



Ph.D., Harvard University

B.A., Brown University


Casey Bohlen is the Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor in History and Public Discourse. He specializes in the history of religion and public life in the modern United States, with broader interests in the history of American social thought, capitalism, and political movements. He teaches widely in the field of modern U.S. history, offering surveys of American history since the Civil War and American religious history since the colonial era, as well as specialized courses in the history of religion and capitalism, U.S. intellectual history, and the history of American democracy from the Revolution to Trump.

He is currently completing his first book, Prophetic Politics, which traces the rise and fall of a “New Social Gospel” in the post-1945 United States. And he is the director of the Faith and Social Action Oral History Project, which was made possible by a generous grant from the Social Science Research Council. He received his PhD in History from Harvard University in 2016, and taught at Bucknell University and Williams College before joining the Smith faculty in 2022.