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In 1962, the trustees of Smith College voted to establish the Smith College Medal. It is given annually to those alums who, in the judgment of the trustees, exemplify in their lives and work the true purpose of a liberal arts education. A committee comprising representatives of the trustees, alum body and faculty recommends candidates for the award to the board of trustees. Those chosen receive their medals at Rally Day each year.

The medal was designed by noted sculptor and printmaker Elliot M. Offner, who taught at Smith from 1960 until his retirement in 2004. The medal depicts the Grécourt Gates and the Smith College motto: “To Virtue, Knowledge.”

Important note: Nominations are received throughout the year, with no deadline and no anticipated timeline for award, should a candidate be selected. The review process is completely confidential and candidates are not notified of their nomination.

Before submitting a nomination, please view the list of Smith College Medalists to be sure your nominee has not already been honored with a Smith Medal.

Nominee Information
Provide title and employer, if applicable.
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Please list contact information of at least three people who have known the nominee in a variety of ways.

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IMPORTANT: Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout this nomination process. Please send as much supplemental material about your nominee as possible. A resume/curriculum vita, newspaper articles about the nominee, commendations, honors received, and any other information you have will be most helpful.

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