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A Culture of Care
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and the college’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business Process & Technology

Contact ATS

For production system or service downtime occurrences, or other issues that require immediate attention, please call ITSC at x4487.

If you have a general question, a request related to an existing project, or a request for service (noncritical), please email ITSC.

If you have a new project request, please see our Business Process page for more information.

ATS supports several Google Groups that you may request to join at the following links:

In April, 2015, Smith created a new governance committee, called the Committee on Business Process and Technology (CBPT), with cabinet-level executive sponsorship to review, prioritize and monitor projects submitted from across the college. The CBPT Charter explains the goals and process of the committee in more detail. The CBPT Members are appointed by senior administrators for each division of the college.

CBPT Members

  • David DeSwert, Finance & Administration, co-chair
  • Sarah Moriarty, Information Technology Services, co-chair
  • Jennifer Chrisler, Alumnae Relations
  • Sandra Doucett, Development
  • Stacie Hagenbaugh, Campus Life
  • Elisa Lanzi, Provost (Collections)
  • Sam Masinter, Public Affairs
  • Cate Rowen, Dean of the Faculty
  • Audrey Smith. Enrollment
  • Louanne Dodge, Banner Technical

Road Map

CBPT is developing a flexible, dynamic Road Map to guide implementation.

Project Management

Acknowledging and addressing the need for change management and accountability, CBPT has adopted proven project management approaches for all project categories. 

Project Categories

Business Process Improvement Initiatives

Strategic efforts with a duration greater than two months of work.

Business process improvements are approved and prioritized by the Committee on Business Process and Technology (CBPT). The committee’s charter Statement defines the goals, guiding principles, and process for initiating and monitoring these projects.

Enhancement Projects

Improvement efforts with a duration less than two months of work.

Small enhancements are approved and prioritized by the CBPT representative of each division and scheduled by the Director of Administrative Technology.

Maintenance and Production Support

  • Efforts to restore service to a previously operational system.
  • Changes required for regulatory mandates.
  • Updates to realign applications for new terms, classes or years.
  • Maintenance on software and hardware to support existing applications.
  • Security changes, including new accounts, terminations, and service authorizations.

Production support is the highest priority and is addressed by all available Administrative Technology staff. To report a production issue, contact User Support. Most security changes require signed authorization using the appropriate form on Tara Account Forms.

Project Submission

Submit a project to the CBPT representative for your division.

Alternatively, you may download the Smith College Project Template for emailing to the CBPT representative.