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Emergency Fund Managed by OMA (EFOMA)

This fund was started in 2001 by Black members of the class of 1974 and is an endowed fund. Thanks to generous donations from alumnae, funding allows us to continue to provide modest grants to students in emergency situations. This fund is not meant to cover routine or expected costs. Applications from students of color are encouraged.

“We would help each other, taking up collections for a sister who needed it. We felt there should be a real mechanism in place…and we want to give something back.”
Member of the class of 1974

How to Apply

Please complete the Emergency Fund Managed by OMA (EFOMA) Application.

Funding requests are reviewed weekly during the academic calendar year. The application is closed for the spring term and will reopen in fall 2024.

Please note: An emergency is an unexpected, serious, and urgent situation, or unanticipated event, requiring prompt action. Examples include treatment for an acute medical or dental condition, medication payment, eyeglasses replacement and travel funds for an urgent family matter. The emergency fund is not a replacement for financial aid, and is intended to cover incidental and unexpected expenses of modest amounts.

After Applying

Thank-You Letters

Expressions of gratitude can be addressed to “Whom it May Concern” and submitted to the dean of multicultural affairs at