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Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden Portrait
About Sarah

Class of 2020

South Portland, Maine

Statistics and Sociology

Head of New Students

Wind Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

Smith Book Award Recipient

Scholarship Recipient

Why did you choose to come to Smith?
“I wanted to go to a college where I would be surrounded by women who would support me and inspire me. I also believe Smith values its students, and I feel very supported here by my professors, my peers and the staff.”

What are you studying?
“Statistics and sociology. I am interested in sports analytics, and also researching the gap in elite college applications for low income and high income students. I know those careers are very different, but I want to explore everything that stats and sociology offers me.”

Did you have to overcome any challenges to make it to Smith?
“I was diagnosed with cancer my freshman year of high school. I did not complete my freshman year, and because of this, I started sophomore year with even more motivation to learn and succeed. Junior year, my sister experienced cardiac arrest and was hospitalized for two weeks. In that time I had no desire to work, but I pushed myself and continued to put my all into school as my sister recovered. I know that I could have reacted in a negative way to these events and they could have stopped me from going to college altogether, but I am so glad that I pushed through and now have the opportunity to be at Smith.”

What is an accomplishment you are particularly proud of?
“I was selected to be an HONS (Head of New Students) for my house and had the opportunity to help students, especially students from working class backgrounds like myself, adjust smoothly to life at Smith. I was told by some of the first years on work study that I made them much more comfortable and feel excited to work, rather than nervous or embarrassed.”

What is your favorite Smith tradition?
“House tea, because it is a wonderful way to unwind after a long week. It has also brought my house closer together and introduced me to people I might not have gotten to know otherwise. I also love that faculty enjoy this tradition and make an effort to come to tea once in a while.”

“My financial aid has lifted an extreme burden off of me and my family.”

How has your financial aid impacted you and your ability to come to Smith?
“My financial aid has lifted an extreme burden off of me and my family. My parents have been forced to pay extremely high medical bills, and will continue to as my sister and I go to follow-up appointments and undergo further medical procedures. I would not have been able to attend Smith without my generous financial aid package.”

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