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One-Year Update

Looking through a window to a circle of students out on the Neilson lawn

On April 10, 2019, the college closed for the Inclusion in Action day of learning. Since then, a working group has processed the Pathways campus climate results, data from Inclusion in Action surveys and student demands. The working group charged five action teams to focus on the following areas: Identity/Representation, Education/Learning, Communication, Engagement, and Justice. The teams reviewed what was already going on at Smith in their area, helped to select Innovation Challenge Grant recipients and experimented with new ideas.

Action Team Findings & Recommendations

This action theme is about closing the gap between the promise of acceptance and the lived realities of many at Smith by expanding the community’s appreciation of diversity and understanding of intersectionality, and finding more ways in which to uphold the value of difference at Smith.

Identity/Representation Team Members

  • Raven Fowlkes-Witten, Office for Equity and Inclusion Program and Outreach Coordinator
  • Jordan Crouser, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Dana Olivo, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential Education
  • L’Tanya Richmond, Dean of Multicultural Affairs
  • Jillian Schuman AC
  • Becky Shaw, Associate Dean of Students
  • Rachel Siegel, Faculty Recruitment & Appointment Specialist
  • Anne-Marie Szmyt, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Identity/Representation Team One-Year Update



This action theme is about promoting a growth mindset and attitude of life-long learning regarding equity, inclusion and diversity.

Education Team Members

  • Floyd Cheung, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
  • Gavin Bell ’20
  • Lucy Grant ’22
  • Brian Katz, Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Jess Bacal, Director of Reflective and Integrative Practices
  • Kimraj Jordan ’20
  • Maddy Neely, Administrative Coordinator for the School for Social Work
  • Lulu Kellogg, Assistant Head of Campus School
  • Marsha Pruett, Professor for the School for Social Work
  • Rowan Wheeler ’21
  • Lynne Yamamoto, Professor of Art
  • Denys Candy, Director of the Jandon Center for Community Engagement

Education Team One-Year Update



This action theme is about raising college-wide awareness of our structural problems, encouraging communal efforts to solve those problems, and creating clear processes for expressing concerns and sharing ideas for improvement.

Communication Team Members

  • Amy Hunter, Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance
  • Leslie Marie Aguilar, Editorial Assistant for Meridians
  • Cheryl Dellecese, Associate Director, Alumnae Communications
  • Samantha Earp, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Susan Fliss, Dean of Libraries
  • Rachael Hagerstrom, Social Media Manager
  • R Koh, Assistant Visiting Professor
  • Mona Kulp, Chemistry Instructor
  • Sam Masinter, Interim Vice President for Public Affairs
  • Whitney Mutalemwa ’20
  • Barbara Solow, Assistant Director for News

Communication Team One-Year Update


This action theme is about acknowledging that while diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act. Representation is only a start. The ways that we treat one another are true indicators of our inclusiveness. Members of the campus community need to feel more engaged in the work of inclusion and equity as part of their own sense of purpose and belonging.

Engagement Team Members

  • Queen Lanier, Assistant to the VP for Equity and Inclusion
  • Erin Cohn, Director of the Wurtele Center for Leadership
  • Betsey Cronin, Associate Register Degree Programs
  • Monica Dean, Director of the Jill Ker Conway Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  • Jessica Drawe, Admission Administrative Assistant
  • Stefanie Frazee, Outdoor Program Instructor
  • Jonathan Hirsh, Senior Lecturer of Music
  • Marissa Hoechstetter, Senior Director of Alumnae and Donor Relations
  • Gaby Immerman, Experiential Learning Specialist
  • Tom Lark, Menu and Systems Specialist
  • Anna Mwaba, Lecturer
  • Fatou Sidibe ’20
  • Stacey Steinbach, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Development

Engagement Team One-Year Update


This theme is about finding ways for Smith to walk the walk as an inclusive community.

Justice Team Members

  • Toby Davis, Office for Equity & Inclusion Education Trainer/Facilitator
  • Annie DelBusto Cohen, Leadership Development Designer
  • Shannon Audley, Associate Professor for Education & Child Study
  • Matilda Cantwell, Director of Religious & Spiritual Life
  • Rene Heavlow, Director of Operations and Special Programs
  • Rania Kfuri, Assistant Director of The Smith Fund
  • Katie McGarry AC
  • Julieta Mendoza ’21
  • Erica Tibbetts, Exercise & Sports Studies Lecturer
  • Peg Pitzer, Director of Events Management

Justice Team One-Year Update


Group shot of the team members of the Office of Equity and Inclusion

A Community That Cares

The Gate interviewed members of the Office of Equity and Inclusion on the progress of Inclusion in Action since the Day of Learning held on the Smith campus on April 10, 2019.




“Inclusion means being—and feeling—welcomed, respected and valued. Inclusion is recognizing and valuing the dignity and worth of all people.”— President Kathleen McCartney