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College Relations

Detail of the top of the Grecourt Gates


The Office of College Relations supports and promotes the mission of Smith College by actively building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with the college's various constituents. Through strategic print and digital communications, event management and program development, the Office of College Relations seeks to foster a better understanding of and support for the priorities of Smith in communities including prospective students and alumnae, as well as local, regional and national government representatives and media outlets.

Points of Pride

Smith students, alumnae, faculty and parents are vital ambassadors for the college. “Speaking of Smith” provides up-to-date points of pride and distinction you can use when you talk about the college to prospective students, families and other interested audiences.

The Office of College Relations communicates the mission, values, image and news of Smith College. It does this through print publications, admission marketing materials, digital communications, videos, social media, websites and outreach to the media.

Included among the stable of materials produced by the office are the Smith Alumnae Quarterly, the online journal Insight, the Grécourt Gate news and information site, the Notes from Paradise e-newsletter to alumnae, admission marketing materials, the NewsTracker news aggregator, videos and eDigest.

The editors, writers, graphic designers, event planners and digital media specialists on the college relations staff offer consultative services to assist campus departments with publicity projects and special events, and it ensures that the college's visual identity program is administered across all of the college's internal and external communications.


Garrison Hall

Garrison Hall, at 42 West Street, houses the primary college relations and public affairs offices, the editorial staff, the news office, alumnae engagement and campaign communications.

Phone: 413-585-2170

Laurie Fenlason

Vice President for Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives

Lars Asbornsen

Director of Campaign Communications

Jeffrey Baker

Associate Director for New Media

Christina Barber-Just

Associate Editor, Smith Alumnae Quarterly

Cheryl Dellecese

Associate Director, Print/New Media

Jan Ebbets

Editor, Print and Online Publications

Elise Gibson

Editor, Smith Alumnae Quarterly

Marti Hobbes

News Coordinator

John MacMillan

Editorial Director, Alumnae Communications

Darry Madden

Recruitment Communications Specialist

Sam Masinter

Associate Vice President for College Relations

Stacey Schmeidel

Director of Media Relations

Barbara Solow

Assistant Director for News

Pat Wheeler

Executive Assistant, College Relations

30 Belmont

This office houses the visual communications and Web and print development and design staff. The college’s nondegree programs have their offices here.

Publications and Communications

Phone: 413-585-2180

John Eue

Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

Michael Byrne

Communications Manager

Ashavan Doyon

Administrative Assistant for Communications

Eileen Dunn

Communications Editor

Jane Majkiewicz

Digital Content Specialist

Michael Yargeau

Senior Web Developer and Systems Engineer

Megan Young

Web Development and Design Specialist

Summer Programs and Conference Services

Phone: 413-585-2165

Amanda Anderson

Director of Summer Programs and Conference Services

Rhonda Davis

Summer Conference Services Manager

Kathryn Edington

Program Coordinator

51 College Lane

The Events Management Office and Conference Center are at the intersection of College Lane and Green Street.

Phone: 413-585-2669

Peg Pitzer

Director of Events Management

Steve Campbell

Assistant Director, Events Management

Andrea Fernandes

Associate Director, Events Management

Judy Roberge

Assistant Director, Events Communication

Kathy San Antonio

Events & Scheduling Systems Administrator

Jessica Vallone

Conference Center Manager